In April 22, 2008, the Power Engineering Society changed its name to the Power & Energy Society after a final vote from the PES membership. The past 2018 IEEE PES President Wanda Reder made the announcement at the 2008 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference in Chicago, Illinois. This name change was motivated by the notion that the Power Engineering Society name did not properly describe the scope of interest in which the PES was involved. Further, it was determined that a new name would more precisely designate the areas of PES involvement. Therefore, the Power& Energy Society name would be more appropriate and attractive to all participants in the industry involved in the electric energy field [3].

The 1st PES Day will celebrate 10 years of new PES name. The PES Day goal will be engage the PES volunteers with PES history and 5 PES pillars of the “More Power to the Future” vision:

1) Advancing global participation;

2) Educating the Future Workforce;

3) Industry Activity Trends;

4) Standards Leadership;

5) Participating in Regulatory Initiatives;

The PES day theme will be “More Power to the Future”.

IEEE PES Day date

Though the PES Day falls on 22nd April, 2018, celebrations will be organized all over the globe throughout the Month of April.

IEEE PES Day logo

The logo has a tower in front of the logo. This tower represents number one. The globe represents the number zero. The logo represents the 10 years of the PES name change. Finally, the PES Day theme is written on the bottom of the PES Day logo.