On April 22, 2008, the Power Engineering Society changed its name to the Power & Energy Society after a final vote from the PES membership. In 2008, The former IEEE PES President  Wanda Reder made this announcement at the IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

PES Day goal is to engage the PES volunteers with PES history and “5” PES pillars of the “More Power to the Future” vision:

    • Advancing global participation;
    • Educating the Future Workforce;
    • Industry Activity Trends;
    • Standards Leadership;
    • Participating in Regulatory Initiatives.


PES DAY 2020 Overview 

The 3rd IEEE PES DAY Focuses on ”Affordable and Clean Energy to the community”. Globally many countries are predominantly dependent on coal and oil for electricity ,Transport and goods. We need to take an action now to change this. come and join us ,create awareness among Engineering community and public, and do not forget to celebrate the fact that your efforts are going to help build a safe future for our Future Generations.

Connect with a Global network of  IEEE Members, PES Volunteers, PES Young Professionals  to improve PES DAY Technical ,Humanitarian ,Women in Power and Young Professional Activities.

We would like to Encourage our IEEE Members across the Globe to help bring “More Power To the Future with Affordable and Clean Energy”.

Contribute to the Future by working on the Theme “More Power To the Future with Affordable and clean Energy”

Join with us to celebrate the Third PES DAY ,by organizing and participating in the activities at your student branch , section , chapter and Region.

Lets work Together To Bring More Power To The Future.

PES DAY History

Twelve Years ago on April 22 our society was reborn as Power and Energy society with broadened horizons and renewed determination to serve not just the present needs  but the future needs of the members as well as the society.

On this day April 22 2020 we celebrate the 3 PES DAY,and April the Third PES Month, where we celebrate the unity, strength and achievements of the IEEE PES Family revolving around the PES DAY, through out the month of April we will also celebrate the rich and proud History of PES running right back to the birth of IEEE in 1884 lead by Pioneers like Thomas Alva Edison.