Since 2014, PES Student Congresses (Turkey/2014, Malaysia/2016 and Brazil/2018) have been attracting the best talents and future global leaders based student’s activities. The PES Student Congress is an opportunity for student leaders from different PES student branch chapters to get together to discuss best practices, share experiences, listen, ideas, experience, knowledge, learn, make networking, work without borders, participate in technical talks and to interact with senior PES leaders and volunteers. In 2014, PES had 134 PES Student Branch Chapters across the world, however unfortunately, many of them were inactive. In 2014, former VP for PES Chapters, Meliha Selak, came up with the idea of organizing a PES Student Branch Chapters Congress. Nowadays, PES has 348 PES student chapters around the world.


The 1st PES Student Congress was held in Ankara (Turkey) on August 29-31, 2014. In the first edition, 45 students from 20 countries (Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Palestine, Panama, Spain, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA) attended in congress.

The 2nd PES Student Congress was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on August 15-17, 2016. In the second edition, 68 students from 21 different countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Hungary, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Peru, Singapore, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey and USA) attended in congress.

In January 2018, the proposal from the PES South Brazil Section Chapter was accepted and the 3rd PES Student Branch Chapters Congress was held in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo (Brazil) on August 24-27, 2018. In total 133 IEEE PES volunteers (96 PES student chapters) from 33 countries (55 IEEE sections) attended in congress the 3rd PES student congress. In the 3rd edition of the congress, we had PES volunteers from Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, India, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom and United States.

The PES provided travel support to 96 PES students from different PES student chapters attend and represent their chapter activities in the 3rd PES student congress.

The 3rd PES student congress was sponsored by domestic electrical company (“Safira Energia”), IEEE HAC (Humanitarian Activities Committee), IEEE YP committee, PES YP committee and PES.

The congress agenda was divided in 4 pillars to bring More Power to the Future:

  • PES volunteer training
  • PES Hard Tech Summit (IEEE N3XT event)
  • IEEE HAC event (Humanitarian training focus on PES activities)
  • Networking without borders activities