Green Energy Track

Future trends in Offshore Wind Energy

Saifur Rahman
Director, Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute

Impact of Offshore Wind on US grid

Demetrios Sakellaris
Manager, Transmission Engineering Capital Projects at Eversource Energy

Future of Offshore Wind Investments in US.

Clean Energy Policy and Grid Reliability

Mark Lauby
Senior Vice President & Chief Engineer NERC

Grid Reliability Ramifications

Chris Root
Chief Operating Officer, VELCO

Impact of Policy on Utilities capability to deliver reliable power to community

Whats Trending in EV industry?

Richard Fioravanti
Director, Transportation Electrification & Executive Advisor at Quanta Technology, LLC

Impact of Mass Electrification of Transport and Charging Infrastructure

Ladi Ogunnubbi
Principal Project Manager,
ComEd Smart Grid

How do Utilities Mitigate Managed Charging due to increasing electrification of transport

Future trends in Alternate Fuels

Nikki Bruno
Director, Clean Technologies at Eversource Energy

State of the art of hydrogen infrastructure and future outlook in utilities

Alexandre Oudalov
Manager, Power Systems of the Future Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Emerging technology trends in hydrogen-energy nexus