1) Introduce yourself in IEEE PES Day Ambassadors Facebook group.

2) Share IEEE PES Day Flyers, Announcements in all social Media and follow IEEE PES DAY Twitter, Instagram, Facebook pages. (Share the corresponding links)

3) Be Creative! Create, Plan and Execute a unique idea to promote IEEE PES Day in your Geographical Unit and Student branch. (Upload the corresponding pictures on social media and share the links on the reporting tool)

4) Upload your picture with PES Day Facebook frame and PES Day Hashtags (#PESday #IamPESvolunteer #MorePowerToTheFuture) and share your experiences on a blog once the PES Day is done and dusted.

5) Like and follow all PES day accounts and pages on every social media.

6) Keep PES Day registration link in Instagram biodata and mention IEEE PES Day

7) Host a live Facebook/Instagram informative session.

8) Create at least 5 Memes about IEEE PES Day and share in social media (Share the link in Ambassadors group)

9) Create a GIF and Quote for PES Day

10) Make an informative video to generate awareness about PES Day

11) Draw a doodle for PES day (Share the doodle in PES DAY Facebook group of Ambassadors)

12) Write an article about yourself and IEEE PES Day Experience so far and get it Published on your blog and share the link in IEEE PES Day Ambassadors Group & Social Media.

13) Send IEEE PES Day Celebrations report for PES e-News Update