Team Leads

Global Leadership Team

Julio Romero Aguero

PES VP | Membership

Mercy Chelangat K

Chair | PES Day 2022

Larissa Paredes Muse

Vice Chair | PES Day 2022

Chaitali Naik

Past PES Day Chair

Machani Ajay Kumar​

Past Chair (Advisory)

Thiago Alencar

Past Chair (Advisory)

Akanksha C Wankhade

PES Day Regional Coordinator

Md. Tabil Ahammed

PES Day Marketing Lead

Md. Waleed Bin Nasir

PES Day Co-lead Marketing

Chaitanya Fulpatil

PES Day Communications Lead

Cliffin Cletus

PES Day Web Lead

Hari Krishnan

PES Day Design Lead

Konrad Schmitt

PES Day Webinar &
Sustainable Team Lead

Nirupama Prakash Kumar

Humanitarian Activities Lead

John Benedict Boggala

PES Day YP Activities Lead

Staji Wilson

Educational Activities Lead

Dr. Omowunmi Longe

PES Day WiP Lead

Karen Galuchie

Liaison | IEEE Foundation

Anandhu Kumar

Liaison | PES Student Chapters

Lisien Leon

Liaison | PES WiP

Shaikh Fattah

Liaison | PES HAC

Regional Leads

Anand Shah

PES Day R1 - R7 Lead

Ram Mohan Pandian

PES Day R3 Lead

Marmik Patel

PES Day R4 Lead

James Epkins Jr

PES Day R5 Lead

Sanja Dzeletovic

PES Day R7 Lead

Oto Obong Effiong

PES Day R8 (Africa) Lead

Anish M S

PES Day R8 (Europe) Lead

Mustafa Aqrabawe

PES Day R8 (Middle East) Lead
Lucia Pia Torres

Lucia Pia Torres

PES Day R9 Lead

Josué Emmanuelle

PES Day R9 (CA, Mexico)

Catleen Natalia Lozano

PES Day R9 (Andean council)

Matheus Ferreira

PES Day R9 (Brazil)

Haroon Rashid

PES Day R10 (Asia) Lead

Athmi Jayawardena

PES Day R10 (Australia) Lead

Country Representatives

Raneena Raoof

PES Day India Rep 1

Ram Shrirao

PES Day India Rep 2

Syed Redwan

PES Day Bangladesh Rep

Chaudry Athar

PES Day Pakistan Rep

Lingyu Zhu

PES Day China Rep

Malek Chlibi

PES Day Tunisia Rep

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