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Talk By Dr.Shashikant Patil on Advancing Sustainable Futures: A Symposium on Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-207:00:00 AMIndiaIndiaJoin us for an enlightening talk by Dr. Shashikant Patil, a renowned expert in the field of sustainable transportation, as he shares invaluable insights at our symposium on "Advancing Sustainable Futures: Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation." Dr. Patil's talk will delve into the crucial role of electric mobility in shaping a sustainable future and driving innovation in transportation. Drawing from his extensive experience and research, Dr. Patil will discuss key challenges and opportunities in the electrification of transportation, highlighting the latest advancements and emerging trends. Whether you're an industry professional, academic researcher, or simply passionate about sustainability, this talk promises to inspire and inform, paving the way for a greener, more efficient transportation landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and engage in stimulating discussions with Dr. Shashikant Patil and fellow participants committed to shaping a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.NILR10
Future of Mobility2024-04-204:00:00 PM1Egyptwill be there a dynamic discussion on the future of mobility and electric vehicles (EVs) featuring four expert speakers. audience will gain insights into the evolving market landscape and discover the latest trends shaping the way we move."Google Form ( not prepared yet )R8
The Future Of Mobility2024-04-214:00:00 PM1Egyptwill be there a dynamic discussion on the future of mobility and electric vehicles (EVs) featuring four expert speakers. audience will gain insights into the evolving market landscape and discover the latest trends shaping the way we move."Google Form (not prepared yet)R8
WORKSHOP ON "ELECTRIC MOBILITY & INNOVATION".2024-04-225:00:00 PM2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (UTC+5:30)INDIAJoin us on April 22nd, 2024, for an engaging workshop on Electric Mobility and Innovation, as part of IEEE PES Day 2024. The event will take place from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (UTC+5:30) at E Block, BBDITM LKO. Explore the latest advancements in electric vehicle technology and discover innovative solutions shaping the future of transportation. Don't miss out on this enlightening event!"
Wired for Tomorrow: Advancing Sustainable Transport with Electric Mobility2024-04-228:00:00 PMUTC+06:00BangladeshWired for Tomorrow" aims to showcase electric mobility's role in promoting sustainable transportation. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and exhibitions, the event will highlight EV innovations and infrastructure developments, fostering collaboration among stakeholders to drive a greener future.
Webinar on Exploring Research Opportunities of “Electric Vehicle Unit”.2024-04-227:00:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshJoin us for an insightful webinar on Exploring Research Opportunities of 'Electric Vehicle Unit'. Discover the latest advancements, challenges, and potential research avenues in the field of electric vehicles. Engage with experts, researchers, and industry leaders as we delve into the future of sustainable transportation. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with professionals in the electric vehicle industry!
Webinar on Electrical mobility2024-04-227:30:00 PMEATKenyaThe event shall be a webinar on April where We will be hosting a speaker who is an expert from the Electrical mobility sector from Kenya to educate us on the theme .
Webinar on Electric Vehicles2024-04-2210:00:00 AMISTIndiawe are planning to conduct an ideathon for improving the sustainability and advancement in electric vehicles. And delivering the idea about EVs and PES society through webinar.
Webinar on "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation : Celebrating IEEE PES DAY 2024"2024-04-229:00:00 PMBangladesh Standard Time (GMT +6)BangladeshIt's an online seminar titled on "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation : Celebrating IEEE PES DAY 2024". Anyone can join this seminar.
Turn to electrification2024-04-2212:50:00 AM+2EgyptWe will talk in this event how the path to turn all resources of energy to renewable energy and to be clean No nowR8
TRESURE HUNT2024-04-2212:30:00 PM11:00 amINDIARelated to the topic "Empowering electric mobility innovation" based on that event is conducted.
The Electric Vehicle Revolution2024-04-228:30:00 AMGMT+6BangladeshCharge up for the Electric Vehicle Revolution! This online event explores the exciting world of EVs. Dive into discussions on cutting-edge tech, future innovations, and how electric cars are reshaping transportation.
Talk on Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-2211:00:00 AM(UTC +05:30) ChennaiIndiaJoin us for an insightful talk event where industry experts and innovators converge to discuss the future landscape of electric vehicles (E-Vehicles). Discover the latest trends shaping the E-Vehicle industry and explore groundbreaking innovations revolutionizing sustainable transportation.
Spark fix2024-04-226:00:00 AMISTINDIAThe event namely 'Spark Fix' targets on a problem solving competition. Its not a typical problem solving event, we mainly targets on the visual impact generated on the viewer like we are giving an image as the problem. By seeing the image the viewer must generate a solution for the problem in his/her mind and must express it by words.
Sistemas de recarga para vehículos eléctricos y sus impactos en la red2024-04-222:30:00 AMUTC-05:00 BogotaColombiaLa charla "Sistemas de recarga para vehículos eléctricos y sus impactos en la red", presentada por el Ing. Mauricio Restrepo, PhD, aborda los diferentes aspectos de los sistemas de recarga para vehículos eléctricos y su influencia en la red eléctrica. El Ing. Restrepo, graduado en Ingeniería Eléctrica de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana y con especialización en Transmisión y Distribución de Energía, así como un doctorado en Ingeniería Eléctrica y Computación de la Universidad de Waterloo, aporta una perspectiva sólida y amplia sobre el tema. Actualmente, como docente de la Universidad del Norte, su experiencia y conocimientos en el campo eléctrico hacen de esta charla una fuente valiosa de información sobre la transición hacia una movilidad más sostenible con vehículos eléctricos.
Seminar on Electric Vehicles and their Adaptation in Bangladesh2024-04-224:00:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshThis seminar focuses on the current landscape and prospects of “Electric Vehicles (EVs) and their Adaptation in Bangladesh”. Gain insights into the fundamentals of electric vehicles, explore the latest technological advancements in electric vehicle technology,
learn from real-world case studies highlighting successful implementations of electric vehicles in various sectors, connect with speakers and industry professionals.
Seminar on electric mobility2024-04-2210:00:00 AMISTINDIAConducting seminar on recent trends in electric vehicles and charging technologies to the participants in my college.
Research Revelry : Showcasing Scholarly Work2024-04-2210:00:00 AMGMT +6BangladeshIEEE Power and Energy Society AUST Student Branch Chapter is delighted to organize "Research Revelry : Showcasing Scholarly Work" as a part of the 7th IEEE PES Day 2024 celebrations in collaboration with IEEE AUST Student Branch.This year's theme is "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation" to encourage the presentation of novel ideas and research on latest advancements, sustainable practices, and groundbreaking technologies shaping the future of electric vehicles.Our goal with this event is to provide a platform for students and researchers to create sustainable transportation options for the future.
Quiz Competition 2.02024-04-229:00:00 PMGMT +6BangladeshAn exciting online quiz competition titled "Charging Towards Sustainable Transportation Solutions" which will offer participants from different institutions around the country an instructive setting where they can showcase their expertise and become aware of how the advancement of electric mobility will ensure a more sustainable and greener future.
Quiz competition2024-04-221:00:00 PM(UTC+5:30) ChennaiIndiaJoin us for an exciting QUIZ event centered around the theme of Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation! Test your knowledge and learn about the latest advancements, sustainable practices, and groundbreaking technologies shaping the future of electric vehicles.
QUIZ COMPETITION2024-04-2212:00:00 PM(UTC +05:30)ChennaiIndiaJoin us for an exciting QUIZ event centered around the theme of Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation! Test your knowledge and learn about the latest advancements, sustainable practices, and groundbreaking technologies shaping the future of electric vehicles.
Puzzle2024-04-224:00:00 PMISTIndiaThere will be three unsolved puzzles of electric vehicles.
The students who are participating are required to solve those puzzle within the given time.
Within the given time limit who will solve the puzzles they will be the winner.
Powering the Future: MATLAB Workshop for Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-224:00:00 PM(GMT+6)BangladeshIn celebration of PES Day 2024, IEEE NSU PES SBC is organizing a workshop called “Powering the Future: MATLAB Workshop for Electric Mobility Innovation” in collaboration with IEEE NSU SB and IEEE NSU IAS SBC at North South University. The workshop’s premise is “Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation” and the workshop intends to convey to participants the idea regarding a powerful simulation software, Simulink, that can be used to emulate well-known electric mobility innovation and renewable energy systems.
POWER UP MEXICO CONGRESS COLABORACIÓN CON EL COMITÉ DE CAPITULOS ESTUDIANTES MÉXICO2024-04-2212:01:00 AMZona horaria de Ciudad de México, CDMX (GMT-6)MEXICOColaboración en conjunto con el comité de capitulos estudiantiles PES México En el POWER UP MÉXICO CONGRESS, dónde el capítulo Power & Energy Society del Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia aporta al ponente: DR. Miguel A. Ortega Vazquez Director del Instituto de Investigación de Energía Eléctrica Con la ponencia: Fundamentos de la Economía de los Sistemas de Energía
Power Play2024-04-227:00:00 AMIndian Standard TimeINDIAPower Play' is an event deals with a quiz program for which the questions are based on 'Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation'. It is planned to be conducted by online and the quiz will be created by the online platform called 'Quizizz'.
Power Craft2024-04-2212:30:00 PMIST (UTC+5:30) Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaIndiaGet ready to unleash your creativity at Sairam Institutions' IEEE PES Day with our On-the-Spot Poster Making Event! Join forces with a partner, randomly assigned a humanitarian organization title, and craft informative posters within the allotted time. Cash prizes await the top three teams: Rs.1000 for 1st place, Rs.750 for 2nd, and Rs.500 for 3rd. Don't miss this chance to showcase your talent while supporting global causes
Power & Energy Day Celebrations2024-04-2210:00:00 AMISTIndiaIEEE PES Day: 22-24 April 2024
The theme “Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation” is selected for PES Day 2024 to spotlight the transformative potential of electric mobility in shaping a sustainable and resilient future. This focus emphasizes the crucial role of electric vehicles (EVs) and their seamless integration into the broader energy landscape.
𝗣𝗼𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗣𝗮𝘃𝗶𝗹𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝟮.𝟬: 𝗔 𝗦𝗵𝗼𝘄𝗰𝗮𝘀𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗜𝗻𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻2024-04-2210:00:00 AMGMT+6BangladeshThe IEEE Power and Energy Society AUST Student Branch Chapter is excited to host our event, "Poster Pavilion 2.0: A Showcase of Innovation," in collaboration with IEEE AUST Student Branch. This event, part of the 7th IEEE PES Day 2024 celebrations, revolves around the theme "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation." Our aim is to provide a platform for students and researchers to exchange ideas and present novel advancements in electric vehicle technology. Join us as we explore sustainable practices, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative solutions to shape the future of transportation.
Poster Pavilion 2.02024-04-2210:00:00 AMGMT +6BangladeshPoster Pavilion 2.0: A Showcase of Innovation", focuses on "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation", which aims to spotlight pioneering research and sustainable practices in electric vehicle technology. The event seeks to foster collaboration among students and researchers to develop sustainable transportation solutions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote economic growth. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and showcase innovations that contribute to a greener, more efficient future in transportation.
Poster Competition Topic:-Sustainability2024-04-226:00:00 PM+3:30IndiaJoin our online Poster Competition on Sustainability, happening on April 22. Submit your creative entries via Google Forms within 2 to 3 days. Showcase your ideas on preserving our planet in a visually captivating way..R10
PES for Kids by IEEE PES UCNSA2024-04-2212:00:00 PMParaguay (GMT-4)ParaguayThe IEEE PES student chapter and the IEEE WIE group of the Catholic University of Our Lady of the Assumption, Alto Parana Campus, will celebrate PESDAY2024 with "PES for Kids" on April 22, 2024. The theme will be "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation", offering educational activities for school to the publicR9
PES Day'24: Quiz Competition , Talk Session on Electric Mobility2024-04-227:00:00 PMTime zone in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (GMT+5:30)INDIAIEEE PES SBC RIT is organizing 2 events i.e. Quiz Competition and a talk Session on Electric Mobility. ,
PES DAY Poster2024-04-2210:00:00 AMGMT+5:30Indiavisiting unprivileged school and guiding students and coloring activity for primary and poster making for secondary students.
PES DAY Celebration[IEEE ENIS SB]2024-04-222:00:00 PMGMT+01:00TunisiaOur IEEE PES ENIS SBC eagerly anticipates PES Day, organizing three collaborative sessions with other IEEE societies. Additionally, we're partnering with WIE ENIS SAG to kick off "PES for Kids," introducing electrical mobility's environmental benefits. As a humanitarian endeavor, we'll visit a school to promote eco-friendly practices. Further, a technical session on smart grids aligns perfectly with the theme "Empowering Electrical Mobility" for PES Day 2024.
Pes day celebration2024-04-224:30:00 AMYesIndiaIdea submissions... Designs and models of innovative electric vehiclesUrlR10
PES day 2024 in Hangzhou Chapter:Igniting Innovation in Electric Mobility2024-04-228:00:00 PMGMT+8ChinaDiscover the cutting-edge world of electric vehicles (EVs) and sustainable transportation in our Electric Mobility Webinar. Gain insights into the influential role of IEEE and PES in driving sustainable energy solutions, and explore the latest breakthroughs in EV technology and carbon neutrality. Join us to delve into how EVs are instrumental in combating climate change. Register now!
PES day2024-04-225:00:00 PMGMT+1 hoursTunisiaI propose implementing a smart grid for this event, leveraging advanced technologies to effectively manage electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. This system will integrate renewable energy sources and enable seamless two-way communication between suppliers and consumers, enhancing reliability and energy efficiency and I'm contacting the trainers
Panel discussion :the electric mobility rush: is Africa benefiting from its resources?2024-04-2210:00:00 PMUTC/GMT +2 hours, NoZimbabweA panelist discussion on whether Africa is benefiting from it's resources in the rush to improve electric mobility.
Panel discussion :the electric mobility rush: is Africa benefiting from its resources?2024-04-2210:00:00 PM(GMT+2)PalestineOn April 22, distinguished professionals from IEEE PES IAS ENIT SB Joint Chapter under Tunisia section, IEEE PPU SB under Palestine section, IEEE PES AAST Cairo SB under Egypt section Cairo SBC, and IEEE UoM SB under Mauritius section and National University of Science and Technology under Zimbabwe section will come together for a collaborative panel discussion. Focused on the theme "The Electric Mobility Rush: Is Africa Benefiting from its Resources?" our expert panelists will delve into Africa's role in the global electric mobility landscape. This event offers a platform for industry leaders to explore the potential of African resources in shaping sustainable transportation solutions. In this collaboration, I t assumed the responsibility to find speakers and contact them.
Online information SESSION2024-04-227:30:00 PMEast Africa TimeKenyaJoin us for an enlightening session . This session offers a unique opportunity to delve into the electric mobility insights .

Whether you are interested in the technical or seeking inspiration for the electric mobility, this event is tailored for you .

Session Title : electric mobility
Date : 22-04-2024
Time : 7:30pm -8:30pm
Location : virtual /goggle meet

Don't miss this chance to see differently and think uniquely

Online information session2024-04-229:00:00 PMUTC+03:00 NairobiKenyaDuring this event we shall explain to the new student members in our student branch what PES society is all about .
Navigating the future of electric mobility2024-04-2212:00:00 PMGMT +1NigeriaThe event is aimed at exposing and explaining eminently, the theme of 2024 PES Day. It will involve the participation of both IEEE members and non IEEE members. The event with a talk on PES Day celebration, an eminent lecture on Navigating the Future of Electric Mobility and will be concluded with a question and answer section. In order to access the success of the event, participants will be evaluated in form of surveys and interviews.
Navigating the Future (IEEE PES 2024)2024-04-225:30:00 PMEETEgyptWe will dive into discussions on sustainable transportation and smart tech. Get hands-on with DIY Electric Conversions and virtual reality experiences. Plus, discover internship and competition opportunities for future innovators.
Invitation to Showcase Departmental Research on PES Day - Gateway to Industry Opportunities2024-04-2210:00:00 AMGMT+5:30IndiaThis event is crafted with the vision of narrowing the gap between academic research and industry requirements, specifically tailored for our esteemed PhD scholars.

This unique platform will allow you to present and demonstrate your departmental research to key figures from leading companies and industry personalities. It’s an excellent opportunity to highlight the significance and real-world applicability of our work, potentially opening avenues for future placements and industry partnerships.
Inter University Quiz Competition PES DAY24 "Enpowering Electric Mobility Innovation "2024-04-228:00:00 AM7.45pmBangladeshDear energy enthusiast!!
IEEE IIUC SBC is organizing an Inter University Quiz Competition to celebrate IEEE PES Day 2024 "Clean Energy Revolution". Our goal is to build a better understanding of IEEE and IEEE PES day,
Infrastructure evolution2024-04-2211:59:00 PM(GMT+6)BangladeshResearch based pp presentation, unique and point must be included
Inauguration of PES RSCOE SBC and E-mobility session2024-04-2210:00:00 AMISTIndiaInauguration of PES RSCOE SBC by dignitaries followed by briefing about Future plans in PES SBC .
The series of Guest lectures by the industry experts focusing on the emerging trends in E-mobility. Guests from ARAI, and Incubation cells will motivate students in exploring and growing in the field of Power and Energy for Sustainable Development.
IEEE PES Day Zagazig University 20242024-04-2210:00:00 AMGMT +2EgyptFor the second year in a row at Zagazig University, our event aims to bring together professionals, researchers, and students to explore the latest innovations and trends shaping the future of the electric mobility.
IEEE PES Day Poster Design Contest2024-04-228:00:00 AM(UTC+05:30) ChennaiIndiaIEEE GPREC Student Branch in collaboration with IEEE Power & Energy Society is organising a Poster Design Contest. This contest aims to showcase creativity and raise awareness about the advancements and future of electric mobility.

Participants are supposed to prepare a poster with the theme - "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation". They can showcase their creativity, originality of design, impactful way of conveying message and nurture their design skills.
IEEE PES Day Info Session - Enhancing Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-229:00:00 PMEast African TimeKenyaAn info session to all attendees on the importance of PES Day celebration and a deep dive on this year's theme
IEEE PES Day horus2024-04-2210:00:00 AMUTC+2EgyptAs Ambassadors in Horus student branch, Me and ( PESDAY24-291 ), we're planning an interactive highly impacting event of the theme to be established in our university plus collaborating with 2 other student branches and contributing in other events to be mentioned, in addition to Participating in Egypt SAC's event
IEEE PES Day 2024: Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-2211:00:00 AMUTC+01:00NigeriaThe event(s) will contain a mixed audience across all age groups. It will include presentations,panel discussions, Q&A sessions, DIY mini project presentations for PES challenge.
IEEE NSU PES Student Branch Chapter Membership Development Program 20242024-04-2210:00:00 AMGMT+6BangladeshAs a part of this year’s PES Day celebrations, IEEE NSU Power and Energy Society Student Branch Chapter launches its "Membership Development Program 2024". This program will provide a platform for students to explore the world of power systems, renewable energy, and sustainable technology. It's the perfect opportunity for students to take this ideal opportunity and learn more about the oldest IEEE Student Branch Chapter which is PES SBC in Bangladesh.
𝐒𝐮𝐛𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐅𝐞𝐞:
Subscription Fee For PES Student Members: 1$
Hello, so as we see, the topic The electric mobility rush: Is Africa benefiting from it's2024-04-229:00:00 AMGMT +1InternationallyOn April 22, distinguished professionals from IEEE ENIT, IEEE PPU SB, , IEEE AAST Cairo SB, and IEEE UoM SB and IEEE Zimbabwe will come together for a collaborative panel discussion. Focused on the theme "The Electric Mobility Rush: Is Africa Benefiting from its Resources?" our expert panelists will delve into Africa's role in the global electric mobility landscape. This event offers a platform for industry leaders to explore the potential of African resources in shaping sustainable transportation solutions.
Grid Talk: Navigating the Smart Integration2024-04-227:00:00 PMISTIndia"Grid Talk: Navigating the Smart Integration", is an interactive talk show hosted
by IEEE PES DAY Ambassadors '24 in collaboration with IEEE PES ASIET, aimed at educating and engaging students and professionals in smart grid integration. The event's
objectives include showcasing innovative solutions, fostering collaboration, and
inspiring the next generation of engineers.
Forum GreenWheels Tunisia Section 20242024-04-226:00:00 PMGMT+1TunisiaExperience PES Day 2024, a collaborative effort among 18 Student Branches of the IEEE Tunisia Section. This dynamic three-day online event is dedicated to exploring the latest developments in power and energy systems, with a particular emphasis on Empowering Electric Mobility and Innovation. Featuring expert speakers, engaging workshops, and insightful Q&A sessions, each day focuses on a unique topic to inspire and empower students in this vital field. As part of this initiative, my unique contribution involves managing social media and designing the event posters.
First echo2024-04-2210:00:00 AMUTC+02:00New Damietta, EgyptCelebrate power and energy with us at IEEE PES Day 2024. We are dedicated to the advancements and innovations in the field of power and energy. This year, we will highlight the theme "Empowering Communities Through Sustainable Energy." We will provide professional and student organizations around the world with a chance to gather and focus on sustainable energy's critical role in our shared future.

Date: April 22, 2024

The day will be filled with a mix of activities including keynote speakers, panel discussions, technical workshops and an exposition floor to showcase the latest projects and research in the field. Meet industry experts, researchers and students, as well as industry innovators and discover the difficulties and solutions of the energy industry.

From student to professional, or if you are just eager to discover more about sustainable, renewable energy sources, you will find something at our IEEE PES Day 2024 event, with plenty to educate and inspire everyone about working in a greener, cleaner world. There is no better way to show your support for IEEE and your part in a global community working for a green future than to bear witness at the event and learn why Sustainable Energy is key to all of our futures. na
EVentza2024-04-2210:00:00 AMISTIndiaThe EVentza consist of mainly three programs as being part of the PES day celebration.
since our PES OU was just inaugurated on 19 March 2024, we would conduct a flash mop to address the society to the institution students and also we are going to conduct a workshop on EV charging and Battery. furthermore conducting a idea presentation on semiconductor and solar PV in will take a week
EV arcade Game-a-thon2024-04-224:00:00 AMKolkataIndia"Technology is the best when it brings people together for a good laugh."
-Matt Mullenweg.

Hello peeps🌟

Feeling bogged down by equations,codes and projects? 📚💻 It's time to shake of the stress and dive into the world of fun with IEEEPESSBCVCE !!💥

🧩 Introducing *"EV ARCADES - Gamethon"* Get ready to challenge your intellect and test your knowledge on the grand stage , let your imagination soar as you tackle each level with creativity and insight.on the hybrid vehicles and hybrid technology and infrastructure of the evolution of the electric vehicle technology...

🗓️ Date:April 22nd 2024.
📍 Venue:West Block,Audi.

What are you waiting for!!
📌Register here:

❓Any queries Contact:
Tahin Fathima : 90149 24541
T. Sri Nithya : 8919374138

Let the game begin👾🎲

𝗘𝗺𝗽𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗘𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗰 𝗠𝗼𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗜𝗻𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 Quiz2024-04-228:40:00 PM(GMT+6)BangladeshIEEE PES IIUC SBC is organizing an Inter University Quiz Competition to celebrate 𝗜𝗘𝗘𝗘 𝗣𝗘𝗦 𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰 "𝗘𝗺𝗽𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗘𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗰 𝗠𝗼𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗜𝗻𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 ". Our goal is to build a better understanding of IEEE and IEEE PES day,
𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤:
The details of the competition are as follows:
𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐞: 𝟐𝟐,𝐀𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐥
𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞: 𝟖:𝟎𝟎 𝐩𝐦 - 𝟖:𝟒𝟎 𝐩𝐦
𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦: 𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐠𝐥𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐬
𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐃𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞: 𝟏𝟕 𝐀𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐥, 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟒
The quiz competition will be held on the IEEE Power and Energy Magazine March/April Issue 2024
Empowering electric mobility innovation2024-04-222:30:00 PMUTC +2PalestineThe event will empower electric mobility with sessions covering diverse topics. First, exploring EV potentials including technology, environment, market, policy, and infrastructure in Palestine. Second, delving into solid-state batteries. Third, addressing peak-time voltage drop issues and BSS solutions. Lastly, an interactive session will tackle common EV problems in Palestine with field engineer troubleshooting insights.
Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-225:00:00 PMCATZambiaIt will be a presentation type of event with the aim of creating awareness of the electric mobile innovations that
Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-228:30:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshThe Objective of this event is to Educate participants about electric mobility innovations.
Goals are to Generate awareness about the importance of electric mobility. Also Promote sustainable transportation alternatives and Highlight advancements in electric vehicle technology.
Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-229:00:00 AMGMT+3JordanEmpowering Electric Mobility Innovation" fosters collaboration among industry leaders and innovators to accelerate advancements in electric transportation. From breakthrough battery technologies to sustainable charging infrastructure, this event drives the transition towards a greener future in mobility. Join us as we empower innovation and pave the way for a more sustainable transportation ecosystem.
Empowering Electric Mobility2024-04-227:30:00 PMEast Africa Time zoneKenyaOur event aims to create awareness and foster discussions around the potential of electric mobility to drive innovation and sustainability in Kenya. Through engaging presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, we will delve into topics such as environmental benefits, technological advancements, policy frameworks, and stakeholder roles in promoting its adoption.
Empowering Communities : Volunteer Meet up & PES DAY Celebration - 20242024-04-221:00:00 PMBangladesh Standard Time (GMT +6)BangladeshIts a physical event titled on " Empowering Communities : Volunteer Meet up & PES DAY Celebration - 2024 " where anyone from any affiliation can join and share his/her thought.
Embedded world2024-04-2212:00:00 PMUTC +2Egypt
Embedded Systema is shaping the world
Getting started with embedded systems🔥🔥
ElectroDrive Talks2024-04-228:30:00 PMGMT+1TunisiaThe IEEE ESPRIT SB organizes a one of their online events. There will be an in-depth discussion on power and energy systems at ElectroDrive Talks on April 22, with an emphasis on "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation."
An exciting panel discussion with a Q&A session is scheduled. The purpose of the event is to empower and enable students in this important profession by focusing on a certain subject.
ELECTROCOMMUTE2024-04-2212:00:00 AMUTC+5:30IndiaELECTROCOMMUTE" is an idea-pitching competition organized by IEEE PES SB GECT as part of PES DAY 2024 celebrations. It focuses on innovative ideas for sustainable public transportation. Participants can compete individually or in teams, submitting ideas for screening and presenting solutions in Round 2, evaluated based on uniqueness, creativity, and sustainability impact.
Electrifying future-exploring ev innovations2024-04-2210:30:00 AMIndian standard time (GMT)IndiaElectrifying Future" is a talk session that delves into the latest advancements and innovations in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. The session aims to provide attendees with insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of electric mobility, showcasing groundbreaking developments that are shaping the future of transportation.
Electrifying Future2024-04-225:00:00 PMIndian Standard Time (IST)IndiaElectrifying Future" is a talk session that delves into the latest advancements and innovations in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. The session aims to provide attendees with insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of electric mobility, showcasing groundbreaking developments that are shaping the future of transportation.
Electrical Vehicle charging station with power management2024-04-2210:30:00 AMISTIndia
Join us on April 22, 2024, at 10:30 AM IST for an insightful IEEE PES Day 2024 webinar on Electrical Vehicle charging stations and power management strategies, presented by Swarnandhara College of Engineering, AP, in collaboration with IEEE IES Chapter, Madhya Pradesh Section. Register now at the following link to secure your spot: and be part of this enriching session.
Elas No Pódio: Conheça a Hera E-Racing H22024-04-227:00:00 PMGMT (-3:00)BrasilElas No Pódio" is a webinar where Women In Power Brasil presents the Hera E-Racing H2 team, a Formula-E H2 team from UFF. Hera is an all-female student team at the area of Hydrogen-powered electric cars, which seeks to bring female power to Formula SAE competition.
Driving Sustainable Transportation in Sudan Future and Challenges2024-04-224:00:00 PMUTC +02:00SudanDriving Sustainable Transportation in Sudan: Future and Challenges' event, as part of IEEE PES Day 2024. Explore the latest trends and solutions in sustainable transportation, engage in panel discussions, attend technical sessions on electric vehicles and smart grid solutions, and network with industry leaders. Be part of the movement towards a greener and more efficient transportation system in Sudan."It will update laterR8
Control of AC and DC Microgrid2024-04-227:30:00 PMBangladesh Standard Time (GMT+6)BangladeshThe control of AC and DC microgrids is paramount in navigating the complexities of modern power systems. As we witness the rapid evolution of energy grids, effective control strategies become indispensable for optimizing performance and ensuring reliability.

In our upcoming seminar, we will delve into the intricacies of controlling AC and DC microgrids, exploring innovative techniques and best practices that drive efficiency and resilience. Participants can expect to gain valuable insights into advanced control algorithms, grid integration challenges, and the latest developments in microgrid management.
Conmemoración del IEEE PES DAY 2024: Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-2210:00:00 AMGMT -5EcuadorA conference will be held featuring two talks on electromobility on Monday, April 22, 2024, at 10:00 (GMT -5), focusing on the specific reality and sector of Ecuador and the city of Ibarra, providing a broader overview of clean and efficient alternatives, and how these technologies perform in our -
Battery Verse : Crafting the Future of Power with Batteries2024-04-228:00:00 AMUTC+05:30 (IST)INDIAWe're thrilled to announce an engaging online talk session as part of IEEE PES Day 2024. Join us as we uncover the fascinating world of batteries in the energy sector. Explore various types of batteries, understand their efficiencies, and discover their impact on powering our future. This session promises to be an enlightening journey into the heart of energy storage technology.
Ai-Tronics2024-04-229:00:00 AMIST (UTC+5:30) Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaIndiaExplore the cutting-edge intersection of generative AI and Electric Vehicles (EVs) in this student-led seminar. Delve into innovative applications, from design optimization to personalized user experiences, and discover how generative AI is revolutionizing the EV industry. Engage with experts, discuss real-world case studies, and envision the future of sustainable transportation in this captivating session.
Webinar Session Future Trends in Electric Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities2024-04-237:30:00 PMBSTBangladeshWebinar Session:

- Date: April 23, 2024

- Time:7:30 PM - 10:30 PM (BST)

- Topic: "Future Trends in Electric Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities."
Speaker: Speaker Profile:
Dr. Md. Rabiul Islam
Senior Lecturer at the School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering (SECTE), University of Wollongong, Australia
- Webinar Platform: Zoom (or alternative platform)
Webinar on IEEE PES Day Theme " Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation"2024-04-239:00:00 PMPKT (Pakistan Standard Time)PakistanIEEE SB UET Taxila is organizing a webinar on the theme of IEEE PES Day 2024 "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation".
Our Esteemed Speaker is Dr. Sulekha Chattopadhyay.
Webinar on Evolution of Sustainable Electrical Mobility and It’s Resilient Future2024-04-2312:00:00 AMGMT+6Bangladesh Not availableR10
Webinar in Evolution of Sustainable Electric Mobility and It’s Resilient Future2024-04-237:00:00 PMGMT + 6Bangladesh availableR10
WATTS UP!2024-04-2312:00:00 AMUCT+5:30IndiaWATTS UP!" is a creative poster design competition conducted by IEEE PES SB GECT in collaboration with IEEE Sahrdaya SB and IEEE PES MEC SB envisioning 'Electric Ecosystems: Artistic Visions of Sustainable Transportation'. The participants are required to submit their entries via Google Forms the deadline is on the 23rd of April and the winners will be announced on the 24th. R10
Voltage control of three phase Microgrid2024-04-239:30:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshThis online seminar will provide a comprehensive overview of energy management strategies and virtual inertia emulation techniques in Microgrids.
Unleashing Your Brilliance: Strategies to Become a Standout Candidate2024-04-2312:00:00 PMPacificUnited StatesThis Power & Energy Society virtual professional development session will include topics: Creating value for yourself in an interview; How to ask for a raise; How to methodically pursue a new position; Internal vs outside recruiters; and the Art of References.
Towards a Greener Tomorrow: Advancements in Electric Vehicle Technology2024-04-234:00:00 PMPKT (Pakistan Standard Time)PakistanJoin us for an exclusive webinar on 'Towards a Greener Tomorrow, Advancements in EV Technology' organized by IEEE PES MUET SBC for PES DAY'24. Explore innovative strides in Electric Vehicles (EVs) and their role in shaping a sustainable future. Guest speakers include , Dr. Prof Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, Dr. Ghulam E Mustafa Abro, and Mr. Fidan Hallaqi.
Talk session on Methods to Improve EV2024-04-237:00:00 PMIST (GMT + 5:30)IndiaThis is a talk session on the methods to improve EV. Production of EV batteries causes pollution. The methods to decrease and or avoid it are to be discussed in this session.
Talk Session on "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation"2024-04-239:00:00 PMIndia Standard TimeIndiaThe talk session delves into the intricacies of empowering electric mobility
innovation, exploring key insights, challenges, and opportunities in the field. The session is expected to address various challenges hindering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, including range anxiety, infrastructure limitations, and high initial costs, and also underscore the need for collaborative efforts from stakeholders to overcome these challenges. We have about eight PES Day Ambassadors from our college. So we planning to conduct a total of three events, one of which is the talk session mentioned. Nil
Talk Section2024-04-235:00:00 PM.IndiaJoin our upcoming event on April 23rd focusing on electric vehicles, sustainability, and more. Register via Google Forms to secure your spot. Engage in insightful discussions online, exploring the future of transportation and environmental responsibility. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and contribute!.R10
Symposium on the Design & Electrification of Auto Rick Shaws in Nigeria2024-04-235:00:00 PMGMT +1NigeriaThis event will feature discussions and presentations on how to convert an existing ICE - based Auto rickshaw to an Electric Vehicle
Steering Through the Digital Terrain: Safeguarding Data Security in Electric Vehicles2024-04-238:00:00 PMGMT +8ChinaA webinar for online audiences, focusing on discussing information security protection measures, technical methods, and case studies within the electric vehicle sector, and promoting the comprehensive assurance of information security in electric vehicles.
𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐫 𝐄𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐠𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐞: 𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫2024-04-237:30:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshSolar Energy for Everyone: Exploring Pathways to Greener Living" delves into the accessible and innovative ways individuals and communities can embrace solar power to foster a more sustainable future. From demystifying solar technology to highlighting its environmental benefits and economic viability, this book serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in harnessing the power of the sun. Through practical tips, case studies, and insights from experts, readers will discover how to navigate the transition to solar energy and contribute to a cleaner, greener world for generations to come.
Smart Energy Solutions: When Industry Meets Academia2024-04-239:30:00 PMUTC+8:00ChinaAs a technical seminar at Xi'an Jiaotong University, this event invites industry and academic professionals to give talks regarding smart energy solutions:
• Prof. Lingyu Zhu (Deputy Dean, School of Electrical Enginnering, Xi’an Jiaotong University),
• Assoc. Prof. Haiwang Zhong (Deputy Secretary-General, IEEE PES China Chapters Council),
• Assoc. Prof. Chengcheng Shao (Secretary, IEEE PES Xi’an Chapter),
• Dr. Tao Qian (Lecturer, School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University),
• Keye Wang (Algorithm Engineer, Electric Power Cluster, Cardinal Operations),
• Ke Li (Ph.D. Candidate, School of Electrical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University).
Riding Clean: The Lifestyle Benefits of Electric Vehicles2024-04-238:00:00 PMGMT +6Bangladesh
This seminar aims to explore the wider benefits of electric mobility, going beyond environmental impact to highlight how it improves lifestyle and wellbeing. Through keynote presentations led by respected industry expert, the various benefits of electric vehicles, we hope to inspire more people to adopt this sustainable transportation option and reshape ideas around it.
Quiz competition for power and energy society.2024-04-237:00:00 PMGMT+1NigeriaThis is a quiz competition organized for the 2024 Power and Energy Society Day with cash prize attached Https://
Quiz Competition for Power and Energy Society Day2024-04-237:00:00 PMGMT+1NigeriaThis is a quiz competition organised for the 2024 Power and Energy Society Day with cash prize attached
Poster Presentation2024-04-239:30:00 AMIndian Standard Time (IST)IndiaThe theme of this event is “ Innovation in Vehicle Technology “.The main objective is to provide a platform for participants to showcase their research, projects, and innovations related to electric mobility. The format of the presentation is concurrent poster presentations by participants on an A3 size paper. The poster can be made using software or hand-made.
Poster Competition2024-04-2311:00:00 AM(UTC +05:30) ChennaiIndiaThis event offers a platform for aspiring engineers, researchers, and innovators to present their work in a visually captivating format. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, this competition welcomes participants from all backgrounds and disciplines within the vast realm of electrical and electronics engineering.
Photography Competition Electric Mobility: A Vision for the Future2024-04-2312:00:00 AMBSTBangladesh Photography Competition:
- Submission Period: April 16 - April 23, 2024
- Theme: "Electric Mobility: A Vision for the Future."
- Guidelines:
- Participants will be directed to a separate Google Form link for submitting their photographs.
- The Google Form link will remain open for submissions from April 16 - April 23, 2024
- Photographs should capture the essence of electric mobility and its potential impact on society.
- Participants can upload their photographs according to the provided instructions in the Google Form.
PES for KIDS2024-04-2310:00:00 AMBDBangladeshWe want to celebrate the day by doing art competition based on PES Day 2024 in a primary school. Also we will give prizes to the participants and also the rangs of first three.Not availableR10
Pes For Kids2024-04-2312:00:00 PMGMT +1HOURTunisiaOur event is fun and educational that introduces kids to the exciting world of Power and Energy Systems (PES)! Through interactive activities, games, and demonstrations, PES for Kids will spark their curiosity about how electricity works, where it comes from, and how we can use it responsibly.
PES DAY 2024 - Poster Presentation2024-04-2310:00:00 AMBangladesh Standard Time ( GMT +6)BangladeshIt's a physical event titled on " PES DAY 2024 - Poster Presentation " where registered authors will present their poster.
PES DAY 20242024-04-238:30:00 AMGMT+5PakistanOur event will feature a seminar on electric mobility innovation, followed by a school visit to engage students. Additionally, short video interviews will highlight student projects in this field.BlankR10
Lecture Seminar on Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-233:00:00 AMGMT+6BangladeshA Lecture seminar is set to take place on April 23, 2024, at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. The theme will revolve around Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation, tackling challenges, and seizing opportunities for sustainable transportation.
Lecture Seminar on Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-235:00:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshA Lecture seminar is set to take place on April 23, 2024, at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. The theme will revolve around Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation, tackling challenges, and seizing opportunities for sustainable transportation.
IT QUIZ - Celebrating IEEE PES DAY 20242024-04-231:30:00 PMBangladesh Standard Time (GMT +6)BangladeshIt's a physical event titled on " IT QUIZ - Celebrating IEEE PES DAY 2024 " where student of 1st & 2nd year of Jagannath University can participate.
Invited talks on the occasion of PES DAY Celebrations in the theme empowering electric mobility innovation2024-04-233:30:00 PMISTINDIAInvited talks by two eminent personalities on the following topics at RGM College Nandyal
1. Student community contribution to the Electric Mobility Area- Dr. Bijuna Kunju, Professor Department of EEE TKM College of Engineering, Kollam . Vice Chair - Kerala Section
2. Dr Surekha Deshmukh - Domain Consultant, IOT DE , TCS , Pune. Chair - IEEE Pune Section
Member - IEEE Committee on Technology for Sustainability Climate
Inter University Poster Making Competition PES DAY 2024 ''Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation''2024-04-238:00:00 AMit is the time of submission deadlineBangladesh'Join us for a dynamic Poster Making Event!''- PES DAY 2024 organized by IEEE PES IIUC SBC based on theme ''Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation''. Unleash your creativity, showcase your talent and be part of an inspiring artistic community. Express yourself through vibrant designs. So Don't miss this opportunity to make your mark!!!
Innovation On Electric Mobility2024-04-237:00:00 PM+5:30IndiaThis is a talk session focused on innovation in electric mobility. In this session, participants get an opportunity to delve into the latest advancements in electric vehicle technology, charging infrastructure, and smart grid solutions, exploring their pivotal role in fostering sustainability and resilience in the future of transportation.
IEEE PES for Kids-“Coloring the Future: Exploring Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-2310:00:00 AM(GMT+6)BangladeshThis event will provide a platform for children to showcase their talent and express their thoughts on the importance of clean energy usage through electric vehicles and how people should adapt to sustainable changes. As part of the event, the coloring competition will encourage kids to express their ideas and creativity on this important topic. As part of the event, the coloring competition will encourage kids to express their ideas and creativity on this important topic.

Event Date: 23rd April, 2024
Event Time: 10:00 – 01:00 PM (GMT+6)
Fostering Innovation in Electric Mobility Workshop2024-04-237:00:00 AMTime zone in Palestine (GMT+2)Palestine
Join our "Fostering Innovation in Electric Mobility Workshop" to explore cutting-edge advancements and strategies driving sustainable transportation solutions. Engage with industry experts, share insights, and collaborate on shaping the future of electric mobility.The event will be posted on social media here:
Explore Electric Cars2024-04-2312:00:00 PMGTM +6BangladeshBeep Beep! Ever seen a car that doesn't need gas? Let's explore electric cars together! We'll
race through fun games, see how they work (without getting dirty!), and discover how they keep
our planet happy. Get ready to zoom into the world of electric vehicles!Person to person
Expert Talk on Electric Mobility2024-04-236:00:00 PMIndian Standard Time (IST) 6PM 23/04/2024IndiaEV mobility ecosystem aims to Learn and interact with EV experts,
and to Learn industry best practices and obstacles.
EXPERT TALK "ELECTRIC VEHICLE" & QUIZ COMPETIOTION2024-04-232:00:00 PM2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (UTC+5:30)INDIAJoin us on April 23rd, 2024, for an electrifying event focused on the future of transportation with an expert talk on electric vehicles. Engage your knowledge and compete in a thrilling quiz competition, sparking enthusiasm for sustainable mobility solutions. This event will take place from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (UTC+5:30) at E-block, BBDITM, LKO. Let's drive change together!"
Expert talk2024-04-2311:00:00 AMIndian Standard Time (IST)IndiaThis event will be conducted on 23rd April, 2024 from 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM followed by a Quiz from 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
The main objective of this event is to enlighten participants with insights, trends, and advancements in electric mobility.
The main aim is to inspire and educate attendees about the potential of innovation in this sector.
The format of the event will have keynote speech by an expert in the field of electric mobility.
Quiz will be based on the Theme itself
Evolution of Sustainable Electric Mobility and Its Resilient Future2024-04-237:00:00 AMGMT + 6BangladeshWebinar Event Plan:
“Evolution of Sustainable Electric Mobility and Its Resilient Future”
◦ Objective and Goals:
◦ Objective:
Educate participants about the evolution of sustainable electric mobility and its resilient future.
▪ Goals:
▪ Generate awareness about the importance of electric mobility.
▪ Promote sustainable transportation alternatives.
▪ Highlight advancements in electric vehicle technology.
◦ Target Audience:
◦ Students and enthusiasts interested in electric mobility.
◦ Date and Time:
▪ Date: Between April 22 and April 24, 2024.
▪ Time: Consider BD time zones for maximum participation.
◦ Webinar Format Options:
▪ Explore creative formats to engage participants:
▪ Live Makeover: Invite an expert to demonstrate transforming an average business slide into an engaging one using presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint). Show step-by-step improvements.
▪ Ask Me Anything (AMA): Host an interactive Q&A session with an industry influencer or senior executive. Collect questions ahead of time and encourage real-time engagement.
▪ Panel Discussion: Assemble a panel of experts to discuss electric mobility trends, challenges, and opportunities. Encourage diverse viewpoints and audience questions.
▪ Case Studies: Share success stories of organizations implementing electric mobility solutions. Highlight measurable outcomes and lessons learned.
▪ Virtual Tours: Take participants behind the scenes of electric vehicle manufacturing facilities, charging stations, or research labs. Use video or 3D models to showcase innovations.
▪ Interactive Polls (Optional) : Integrate live polls during the webinar to gauge audience opinions, preferences, and knowledge.
▪ Fireside Chat: Engage in a casual conversation with an industry thought leader. Discuss trends, challenges, and future prospects.
▪ Solution Room: Facilitate peer-supported advice sessions where participants share their pressing electric mobility challenges and brainstorm solutions.
◦ Promotion and Marketing:
▪ Create a promotional campaign:
▪ Email invitations with personalised messages.
▪ Social media posts highlighting speakers, topics, and registration links.
▪ Collaborate with industry associations and influencers for wider reach (Optional).
◦ Agenda:
▪ Customize the agenda based on the chosen format(s):
▪ Welcome and introduction
▪ Keynote address on electric mobility trends
▪ Panel discussion on infrastructure and innovation
▪ Case study presentations
▪ Interactive Q&A sessions
▪ Virtual tour or live demonstration
▪ Networking breaks
◦ Technical Setup:
◦ Choose a reliable webinar platform (e.g., Google Meet).
◦ Test audio, video, screen sharing, and interactive features.
◦ Arrange backup options in case of technical issues.
◦ Post-Webinar Activities:
◦ Share recorded sessions for on-demand access.
◦ Send follow-up emails with resources, speaker profiles, and survey links.
◦ Measure success using metrics like attendance, engagement, and participant feedback.
◦ Resources:
◦ The success of webinar lies in engaging content, seamless execution, and meaningful interactions. Let’s make this event impactful and inspire positive change in electric mobility!

Event Planners:
Sadman Shakib(PESDAY24-518)
Rifath Hasan Samio(PESDAY24-643)
Labib Bin Sahed(PESDAY24-217)
EV WEBINAR2024-04-236:00:00 PMISTIndiaA webinar on how EV’s will impact our future
EV battery design webinar2024-04-238:00:00 PMGMT+5:30IndiaExploring Next-Generation Electric Vehicle Battery Design" is an insightful webinar delving into the cutting-edge advancements and challenges in EV battery technology. Join us to discover key strategies, innovations, and sustainability considerations driving the evolution of electric vehicle batteries. This webinar is ideal for engineers, researchers, and enthusiasts interested in shaping the future of electric mobility. The event will be a collaboration between Sahradeya SB and AJCE SB. Delayed due to some other events.R10
Energython2024-04-239:00:00 AMIST (UTC+5:30) ,Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaIndiaEnergython 2024, organized by the IEEE PES Ambassador Team 2024, was an innovative event dedicated to advancing energy technology.
Participants had the opportunity to showcase creative solutions addressing contemporary challenges in the energy sector.
Energy Management and Virtual Inertia Emulation in Microgrid2024-04-237:30:00 PM(GMT+6)BangladeshExplore the synergy between energy management and virtual inertia emulation in microgrids, vital for integrating renewables and ensuring grid stability. Join us for insights into advanced strategies, control algorithms, and best practices for optimizing distributed energy resources while maintaining system resilience. Dive deep into the latest advancements and engage with experts in this dynamic seminar.
Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation: Celebrando el IEEE PES Day en Ecuador2024-04-2311:30:00 AMGMT -5EcuadorThis event will celebrate IEEE PES Day in Ecuador, focusing on innovation in electric mobility. Two talks will be presented on energy management systems for microgrids with electric vehicles and the impact of IEEE PES WiP on sustainable energy projects in Ecuador. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with energy experts and enthusiasts, asking questions and collaborating during the event.
Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation: Advancing Innovation for a Sustainable Future #A_Roadmap_to_the_Future2024-04-231:00:00 PM(UTC) South African timeSouth AfricaOpening Remarks (13:00 - 13:10)
Welcome by Mr. Ntokozo N. Shangase, IEEE PES 2024 Brand Ambassador.
Brief overview of the event theme and objectives.
Session 1: Advancements in Electric Vehicle Technology (13:11 - 13:40)
Speaker: ? (EV Researcher)
Topic: Battery Innovations: Improving efficiency and extending range.
Integration of Smart Features in EVs.
Q&A with participants.
Session 2: Charging Infrastructure and Grid Integration (13:41 - 14:10)
Speaker: ? (Energy Systems Expert)
Topic: Evolving Charging Stations: Fast charging, wireless options, and accessibility.
Smart Grids: Enabling seamless integration of EVs into the energy ecosystem.
Interactive discussion.
Session 3: Policy and Industry Perspectives (14:11 - 14:40)
Panel Discussion:
Name. ? (Government Policy Advisor)
Name. ? (EV Manufacturer Representative)
Name. ? (Energy policy Expert)
Name. ? (Hydrogen Expert)
Moderated by Mr. Ntokozo N. Shangase.
Topics: 1. Regulatory Support for Electric Mobility. 2. Industry Collaboration and Investment. 3. Audience questions and insights. 4. Challenges and opportunities in the electric mobility sector. 5. Emerging trends and technologies. 6. Strategies for accelerating adoption and innovation.
Session 4: Audience Q&A (14:40 - 15:00)
Interactive Q&A session with panelists. // Attendees can submit questions through the chat or Q&A feature.
Session 5: Closing Remarks (15:00 - 15:05)
Recap of key takeaways.
Call to action: Encouraging participants to spread awareness and drive electric mobility innovation.
Session 6: Networking Session (15:05 - 15:15)
Informal chat and virtual networking.Not available
Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-232:00:00 PMGMT+5PakistanCome celebrate PES DAY with us on "Electro Clean Futures: Pioneering Sustainable Transportation," an event that combines environmental responsibility with innovation. Built by our fellow student to improve waste management and campus cleanliness. This event showcases how smart infrastructure and electric transportation technology can work together to create a more sustainable society.
Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-234:00:00 PMbangalore 12:00IndiaEmpowering Electric Mobility Innovation, about this program,there are mainly 3 event going on, seminar, worshop and fun activity puzzle game
EMPOWERING ELECTRIC MOBILITY INNOVATION2024-04-235:00:00 PMCentral Africa TimeZambiaTo get people informed and engaged about this year's PES DAY Theme through having an interactive session which includes interactive presentation to give insight on Electric Mobility , Question and Answer session and Quiz game(s) on the theme and Tech.
Empowering Clean and Smart Electric Mobility - 2024 PES day2024-04-238:00:00 PMChina Standard timeChina
Opening Address: We will delve into the significance and future trends of electric mobility.
Expert Presentations: Experts will discuss electric mobility policies, market prospects.
Group Discussions: Students will share ideas about environmentally friendly transportation.
Summary and Outlook: ignite innovation and drive the development of electric mobility.
Empowering Clean and Smart Electric Mobility2024-04-238:00:00 PMBeijing Standaed TimeChinaDuring this session, we shall embark on exploring the pivotal significance and emergent patterns of electric mobility. Renowned experts will delve into intricate discussions, scrutinizing the evolving policies, promising market forces, and groundbreaking technological advancements in this domain. Subsequently, participants will actively engage in group brainstorming, fostering innovative concepts for sustainable and intelligent transportation solutions. The event will conclude with a summary, emphasizing key insights and envisioning a collaborative roadmap to propel the progress of electric mobility.NoneR10
Empowering Clean and Smart Electric Mobility2024-04-2310:00:00 PMChina Standard TimeChinaOpening Address: We will delve into the significance and future trends of electric mobility.
Expert Presentations: Experts will discuss electric mobility policies, market prospects, and technological innovations.
Group Discussions: Students will share creative ideas to foster environmentally friendly and intelligent modes of transportation.
Empowering Clean and Smart Electric Mobility2024-04-2310:00:00 PMChina Standard TimeChinaWe will delve into the significance and future trends of electric mobility.Experts will discuss electric mobility policies, market prospects, and technological innovations.Students will share creative ideas to foster environmentally friendly and intelligent modes of transportation.NoneR10
Embedded world2024-04-2312:00:00 PMUTC +2Egypt
Embedded Systema is shaping the world
Getting started with embedded systems🔥🔥
ElectroKids Energy Mobility2024-04-233:00:00 PMGMT +1TunisiaOur event is organized by CAS WIE and the PES IAS IES Joint Chapter of IEEE Tunisia Section FSS student branch . This event aims to bring joy to children without family support while educating them about electric cars and promoting sustainable mobility. Through informative sessions, DIY workshops, and practical advice sessions, children will learn about the benefits of electric vehicles .
ElectroDrive: Pioneering the Future of Electric Mobility2024-04-2310:00:00 AM(UTC+02:00) CairoEgyptOur PES Day event is themed on electric mobility joining the IEEE EUI SB, IEEE FUE SB, and IEEE Obour CS SB, where we aim to forge partnerships with industrial institutions to deliver comprehensive workshops and sessions in addition to an enlightening panel discussion including top-tier speakers in the industry. This event promises to offer in-depth insights into the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of electric mobility. Engage with industry experts, explore collaborative opportunities, and contribute to driving sustainable transport solutions forward.
Electrifying Tomorrow: Advancements in EV Infrastructure and Vehicle Technology2024-04-233:00:00 PMIndia Standard Time (IST) New Delhi, India · UTC+5:30IndiaJoin us for an enlightening discussion on the latest advancements in EV infrastructure and vehicle technology! This event, organized by IEEE IAS & Sensors Council SBC, CUH, promises valuable insights into the future of transportation. Register now and be part of the electrifying conversation!
ElectriFlick2024-04-237:00:00 PMISTIndiaOn behalf of the PES Day celebration , the IEEE PES DAY ambassador is planning to conduct an event on the topic "Empowering electric mobility innovation ." The event will be conducted over two days. On the first day, there will be a quiz regarding the topic “Empowering electric mobility innovation ”.The event shall be conducted in two phases .The first phase will be a word search on 23th April in online mode and the second phase will be a presentation competition on April 24th in online mode. The winners shall be awarded Momentum and the participants with certificates.
Electric Vehicle workshop2024-04-231:00:00 PMUTC+05:30(IST)INDIAWe are excited to announce an electrifying workshop as part of PES Day 2024, focused on Electric Vehicles (EVs) and software design. This workshop will offer participants an immersive experience into the cutting-edge technology driving the future of transportation. From understanding the fundamentals of EVs to exploring advanced software integration, attendees will engage in hands-on sessions and gain insights from industry experts.
Electric Vehicle Charging and Grid-to-Battery Efficiency: An Empirical Study Based on Selected Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Chargers in New Zealand2024-04-235:30:00 PMNew Zealand Time zone in Wellington (GMT+13)New ZealandThis talk presents internal efficiency measurements of some of the typical EVs used in NZ with emphasis on maximum charge power transfer against selected AC and DC fast chargers. An efficiency summary of eight electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSEs) adopted within NZ infrastructure is also discussed in this speech to showcase charging performances under various EV loads. Active battery thermal management systems of EVs under study are investigated based on internal charge profiles recorded by power quality meters and OBD2 data (EVSE power vs EV battery power). Overall, it is revealed that the ultimate grid-to-battery efficiency varies from 85% to 92.6%, with significant energy being consumed by the vehicle BMS for battery thermal management.Soon to be providedR10
Electric Mobility Revolution: Driving Towards a Sustainable Future2024-04-236:00:00 PMISTIndiaJoin us for an enlightening exploration into the world of electric mobility with our event, 'Electric Mobility Revolution: Driving Towards a Sustainable Future.' Discover how electric vehicles are transforming transportation, reducing emissions, and reshaping infrastructure. Gain insights into the latest innovations in electric vehicle technology and the trends shaping the future of sustainable mobility. Together, let's drive towards a cleaner, greener future with electric mobility.
Electric Futures: Empowering Innovation in Mobility2024-04-231:30:00 PMGMT by 5:30 HoursIndiaThe event titled "Electric Futures: Empowering Innovation in Mobility" is poised to completely transform the field of electric vehicles. Our goal is to raise awareness of how electric cars may significantly impact the development of a resilient and sustainable future. We will highlight the advancement of sustainable mobility, the evolution of infrastructure, and the celebration of automotive technological advances through lively conversations and presentations. Join us on this thrilling adventure towards a future with less carbon footprint.
Electric Drive :empowering Tomorrow's transportation2024-04-238:00:00 AMIST (GMT+5:30)IndiaThis event will be a 2nd part of previously submitted event. And followed by a quiz
Conversatorio Internacional Electromovilidad2024-04-234:00:00 PMGMT -6Honduras
El evento planificado es un conversatorio sobre electromovilidad, en el marco del IEEE PES Day 2024. Expertos de México, El Salvador, Honduras y Paraguay compartirán sus conocimientos. Se discutirán tecnologías emergentes, infraestructura, impacto ambiental y perspectivas regionales.
Content Writing Competition: The Role of Electric Vehicles in Building a Sustainable Future.2024-04-2312:00:00 AMBSTBangladeshContent Writing Competition:
- Submission Period: April 16 - April 23, 2024
- Topic: "The Role of Electric Vehicles in Building a Sustainable Future."
- Guidelines:
- Participants will be directed to a Google Form link where they can submit their 500-word essay on the provided topic.
- The Google Form link will remain open for submissions from April 16 - April 23, 2024
- Essays must focus on the importance of electric vehicles in reducing emissions, improving air quality, and promoting sustainable transportation solutions.
Conferencia internacional de Electromovilidad2024-04-238:00:00 PMGMT-4ParaguayEl evento tratara sobre la electromovilidad, en colaboración con los capítulos IEEE PES de los países de México, El Salvador, Honduras y Paraguay, dónde se expondrán los desafíos, oportunidades y situaciones actuales en las que se encuentran dichos países, con ponentes de remarcada experiencia en el sector energético de los mismos.
CONCURSO DE VIDEOS CORTOS SOBRE MOVILIDAD ELÉCTRICA - PES DAY 20242024-04-236:00:00 PMGMT -3UruguayCompetencia local de estudiantes de las diferentes universidades de Uruguay del área eléctrica en la que en grupo deben presentar videos cortos (tipo tiktok, Instagram, etc.) de hasta 60 segundos que muestren, para un público general, algún beneficio que suponga la movilidad eléctrica.
Charging Up: The Future of EV Networks2024-04-231:00:00 PMIST KolkataIndiaKeynote Speaker: Gain insights on the latest trends in EV charging infrastructure development.
Interactive Sessions: Explore the technical details of charging systems and smart grid integration.
Student Innovations: See cutting-edge EV infrastructure projects from your peers.
Networking: Connect with engineers, researchers, and enthusiasts in the sustainable transportation field.
Charging the Future: Innovations in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure2024-04-238:00:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshExplore the future of electric vehicle charging with our event, 'Charging the Future: Innovations in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.' Discover the latest advancements in charging technology, including fast charging, wireless charging, and smart grid integration. Learn how innovative solutions are revolutionizing the way we charge electric vehicles, making sustainable transportation more accessible and efficient than ever before.
Automotive Transformation: Journey to the Future of Electric Transportation2024-04-237:00:00 PM(GMT+2)PalestineJoin us for the workshop "Automotive Transformation: Journey to the Future of Electric Transportation" on April 23rd. This workshop will be presented by an expert in the field of electric vehicles, Mr. Ali Shawer, who possesses deep expertise and specialized studies in this field from the University of Texas at Austin.

Mr. Ali Shawer will address various topics during the workshop related to the transformation of the automotive industry into an electric transportation system, including modern technology, environmental challenges, economic benefits, and future trends. The event will also provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and exchange ideas on this important topic.

Join us to explore the future of electric transportation and understand how electric vehicle technologies can reshape our lives and the environment around us.
AI in Cyber Defense2024-04-2310:00:00 AMGMT+6(BST)BangladeshArtificial intelligence within Cyber security simply helps organizations in observation, reporting, detecting, and cyber threats countering to maintain data confidentiality. The growing awareness among individuals, progression in information technology, intelligence up-gradation, police work solutions & growing volume of information collected from various sources have demanded the use of improved & reliable cyber security solutions.
The increase in the quality & incidence of cyber-attacks is driving cyber systems with AI.
Advanced coordinate control and power management technique toward fully electrified on-board energy systems2024-04-2310:30:00 AMutc+8ChinaOn-board energy system refers to the energy supply system installed within a vehicle, aircraft, vessel, or any mobile platform. The primary function of an on-board power system is to generate, distribute, and manage electrical power to meet the energy demands of various components and systems on the vehicle. Although the fully electrified on-board energy systems (FEOESs) exhibit higher conversion efficiency, less fossil fuel consumption, and lower noises, etc., fully electrified on-board energy systems involve plenty of power electric modules feeding tightly regulated motors and pulse loads, and the systems inevitably experience wide-band oscillations, insufficient inertia, time-variant parameters, and other issues. To remove the barrier of the extensive applications of fully electrified on-board energy systems, researchers and engineering professionals are expected to intensively focus on the advanced coordinated control and smart on-board energy management systems.R10
ACPEE - Power system resilience: modeling, analysis and practice2024-04-232:00:00 PMGMT+8ChinaACPEE 2024 will be hosted in Shanghai, China from April 11 to 13, 2024, which is organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University , technically sponsored by IEEE PES, Auckland University of Technology, Tianjin University, Sichuan University, Shanghai Electric Power University.
We will organize a special session namely "Power system resilience: modeling, analysis and practice" in ACPEE 2024 and also as a PES DAY activity. We attracted more than 20 papers and will organize the session technique comminication. In addition, introduce the IEEE PES and encourage undergraduate and graduate students to join in IEEE PES.
Workshop on Professional Industrial Automation2024-04-2410:00:00 AMGMT+6BangladeshWorkshop on Professional Industrial Automation by Ulterior engineering Organized by IEEE PES IIUC SCB in collaboration with IEEE IIUC SB in celebration of PES DAY 2024
Workshop on Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-241:00:00 PMLagos /AfricaNigeriaThis event is a workshop where we will talk about electric mobility, the technology around it, the opportunities and how we can start deploying electric mobility in our country Nigeria.
WEBINAR: Technological Innovations in EVs2024-04-247:30:00 PMIndia Standard TimeINDIAStep into the future of mobility with our webinar on "Technological Innovations in EVs," brought to you by IEEE PES MEA SBC. From autonomous driving to renewable energy integration, uncover the transformative technologies propelling the EV revolution forward. Gain valuable insights into how these innovations are reshaping the automotive landscape and driving sustainability efforts worldwide.
WEBINAR ON TRENDS IN ELECTRIC VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY2024-04-247:00:00 AM(GMT+5:30)IndiaA webinar hosted by IEEE RVRJCCE PES on behalf of PES DAY 2024 on the topic of Trends in Electric Vehicle Technology to give a Industry related information to Bachelor of Technology Students to raise their skill set and information in the field of Electric Technology.
Webinar for Power and Energy society2024-04-247:00:00 AMGTM+1NigeriaA webinar on advancing electric vehicle adoption in Africa: challenge, prospect and Opportunities where industrial expert will speak to student on the topic
Transformative Potential of Electric Mobility2024-04-2410:00:00 AM5 hoursEgyptJoin us for an enlightening event exploring the pivotal role of electric mobility in shaping a sustainable and resilient future. Delve into the transformative potential of electric vehicles .
TALK SESSION2024-04-247:00:00 AMUCT+5:30IndiaIn collaboration with the Kerala Chapter PES Society and IEEE PES SB GECT, this event led by Jirawadee Polprasert delves into the transformative potential of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. Focusing on enhancing charging networks, smart grid integration, and energy storage solutions, attendees will gain insights into the critical elements driving the EV revolution. The event is conducted on the 24th of April from 7-8 PM.
SPARK TH FUTURE: Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation.2024-04-242:00:00 PMISTINDIAIEEE PES Day 2024 will be hosted on April 24th, commencing at 2:00 pm in our college campus. We are honoured to welcome Dr. Jay Singh(Member-Executive Committee IEEE UP Section) as our distinguished guest. The event agenda includes presentations, ideathon, and a quiz focusing on electric mobility. Prizes in the form of trophies and certificates and exciting cash prizes! will be awarded to the victorious participants.
Solar Power on the Road: Workshop on Integrating Solar Energy into Electric Vehicles.2024-04-249:00:00 PM(GMT+2)PalestineJoin us for an enlightening workshop on April 24th where we delve into the integration of solar energy into electric vehicles. This workshop will be presented by Genko Solar, a leading company specializing in solar energy based in Dubai.

The workshop will be facilitated by expert engineer, Mr. Mohammed Dweik, who brings extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

During the workshop, participants will explore the potential of solar energy as a sustainable power source for electric vehicles. Topics covered will include the latest advancements in solar technology, practical applications of solar integration in vehicles, challenges and opportunities, as well as future prospects.

Whether you're an enthusiast, professional, or simply curious about the intersection of solar energy and electric vehicles, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to gain insights and engage in discussions with industry experts.

Don't miss out on this chance to discover how solar power is paving the way for greener and more efficient transportation solutions. Join us for "Solar Power on the Road" and be part of the renewable energy revolution!
Session on "EV Racing Car Design2024-04-246:30:00 PMISTIndiaTwo events: 1. Talk-cum-Demo session on "EV Racing Car Design" by IITK Motorsports and 2. IEEE PES Day Celebrations Get Together - themed (PES Day) cake cutting ceremony, meet and greet with fellow faculty members and student members of IEEE community. NAR10
Session on "Establishment of EV Charging Infrastructure"2024-04-2411:00:00 AMISTIndiaIEEE KPRIET SB in Collaboration with IEEE PES KPRIET SBC Organizes a session on "Establishment of EV Charging Infrastructure" guided by Guided by: Mr. Prasant Kumara Palani, Chief Techincal Officer, Haritha Techlogix, Coimbatore
Session "what is pes? What is Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation"2024-04-244:00:00 PMGTM+1tunisia"What is PES? What is Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation?" In this engaging session, we will delve into the world of PES, exploring its significance and impact on empowering electric mobility innovation. Join us as we unravel the fascinating connection between these two dynamic forces and unlock the potential of a greener and sustainable future. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together!
Seminar on Pathway to Research and an Introduction to Smartgrid2024-04-2410:30:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshDiscover the latest advancements in renewable energy integration, grid optimization strategies, and more. Our expert speakers will provide practical insights and real-world examples, empowering you to navigate the complexities of Smartgrid research with confidence. But this webinar is more than just a learning opportunity—it's a chance to connect with industry leaders, researchers, and fellow enthusiasts. Expand your professional network and engage in meaningful discussions about the future of energy.
PowerUp: Exploring Sustainable Electrification for the Future.2024-04-242:00:00 PMGMT-3BrazilThe event is programmed to occur for 6 hours straight. There will be three fascinating lectures about the Electrical Engineering field and also a quiz competition about IEEE PES Day and electric mobility innovation.
Power and Energy Society Day2024-04-245:00:00 PMGMT+2ZambiaPower and Energy Society with the theme Electrical Mobility Innovation and a plan to invite Zambia Electric Mobility Alliance (ZEMA) organization to Grace this even and talk to students about the importance of electric mobility technology.
Poster Presentation Competition2024-04-243:00:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshIn celebration of IEEE PES Day 2024, IEEE NSU PES SBC is organizing a thrilling Poster Presentation Competition titled "Portraying the Future of Electrical Mobility", calling all aspiring innovators and visionaries. This competition provides a platform for participants to showcase their creativity and insights into the evolving landscape of electrical mobility.
Poster Design COMPETITION "Innovation in Vehicle Technology"2024-04-2411:59:00 PM(GMT+6)BangladeshThis competition aims to highlight the evolution and future prospects of vehicle technology. From electric vehicles to autonomous driving systems, from sustainable materials to futuristic designs, participants are encouraged to explore the myriad ways in which innovation is reshaping the automotive industry.
PES day-A student guide2024-04-249:00:00 AMGMT+03:00JordanAn informative event catered to 9th graders through 12th grades school students, designed to assist in selecting majors wisely and providing an overview of various engineering majors
PES day school visit2024-04-244:00:00 PMGmt + 1 hourTunisiaExperience PES day , we are going to vist a primary school on 24 /4 to share with kids Our informations about the transformative potential of electric mobility in forging a sustainable and resilient future
Écrire à Mahdi Kammoun
Pes Day for Kids: Conversatorio y Taller De Electromovilidad2024-04-241:00:00 PMGMT-6HondurasÚnete a nuestro taller de electromovilidad donde vamos a colorear, armar un carrito solar y muchas cosas más. Aprenderemos sobre tecnologías increíbles. ¡No te lo pierdas, vamos a divertirnos juntos!
PES DAY BOOTH2024-04-241:00:00 PMTunisia sectiontunisiaJoin us on April 24, 2024, at the PES Chater booth in ISIMM
Pes day a student guide2024-04-249:00:00 AMGMT +3:00Jordan
An informative event catered to 9th graders through 12th grades school students, designed to assist in selecting majors wisely and providing an overview of various engineering majors
PES Day 2024 IEEE PES UPIITA-IPN2024-04-2410:00:00 AMGMT 6MéxicoPES DAY will take place on April 23rd and 24th. This event aims to celebrate innovation and energy transition, with a central focus on electromobility. We will have the participation of influential figures in the energy industry and a panel of graduates from the energy engineering program.
Online Webinar2024-04-247:30:00 AMGMT+3ONLIKENYAThe online information session will be on the 22nd of April 2024 would inform student about the Power and Energy Society. The Online Webinar will be on the 24th of April 2024 would be carried out on IEEE PES focusing on this years theme that is "Empowering Electric Mobility"
Online Session2024-04-248:00:00 AMCairoEgyptTarget:
- Promotion about PES Day
- Promotion about the PES Chapter and it's activity
- prepare to have PES chapter at our branch

It is online session, we call an engineer at Mobility field, Renewable energy and electrical Cars to make an online session for our branch
Navigating the Digital Road: Ensuring Information Security in Electric Mobilities2024-04-249:15:00 PMGMT + 8ChinaA presentation for undergraduate and graduate students in electrical engineering, focusing on the exchange of information security measures, technological methods, and cases in the field of electric vehicles, promoting the comprehensive assurance of information security in electric vehicles.
Movilidad del Futuro: ¡Enciende tus Motores Eléctricos!2024-04-2410:00:00 AMGTMPerú¡Enciende tus Motores Eléctricos!" es un evento que destaca la innovación en vehículos eléctricos y promueve los beneficios ambientales de la movilidad sostenible, conectando a líderes de la industria y entusiastas para impulsar un futuro más limpio.
MEMBERSHIP DRIVE, CERTIFICATE DISTRIBUTION & CAKE CUTTING CEREMONY2024-04-242:00:00 PM2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (UTC+5:30)India"Join us on April 24th, 2024, for an membership drive, certificate distribution & cake cutting ceremony as part of IEEE PES Day 2024, grab this opportunity to be a part of IEEE member and enhance your skills, with great knowledge and opportunities worldwide.This event will take place from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (UTC+5:30) at E-block, BBDITM, LKO. Let's drive change together!"
LED WORKSHOP2024-04-2410:00:00 AMISTIndiaThe LED workshop organized by IEEE PES AMBASSADORS of IEEE SB ASIET aims to educate members about LED technology, its applications, and its significance in sustainable energy under the theme "Innovations in LED Technology for Energy Efficiency." The agenda will feature sessions on IEEE PES DAY and LED technology, covering an overview of LED principles and advantages, discussions on LED applications in various sectors, case studies of successful LED projects, potential hands-on demonstrations, and a Q&A session. Evaluation, and networking opportunities will be provided to ensure the event's success and foster ongoing education and collaboration within the IEEE community.
Innovations Powering Electric Mobility2024-04-248:30:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshUnveiling the future of electric travel! The Electric Vehicle Revolution explores the innovations
powering e-mobility. Join our online event for discussions on next-gen batteries, faster charging,
and a greener transportation landscape.
Industrial Visit2024-04-249:30:00 AMIndian Standard Time (IST)IndiaAn industrial visit to Rotomotive Powerdrive facility. The main objective of the event is to provide participants with firsthand exposure to electric mobility technologies and manufacturing processes. The main aim is to enhance understanding of practical applications and industry practices in the field.
IEEE PES Day-20242024-04-2410:00:00 PM1hourBangladeshFor this year, the theme of the 7th IEEE PES Day – 2024 is “Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation,"
It is all about the critical importance of electric vehicles in creating a more sustainable and resilient future. By embracing electric mobility, we not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, but also move towards a more efficient and sustainable transportation infrastructure.
IEEE PES DAY ONLINE WEBINAR2024-04-249:00:00 PMEAT (Eastern Africa Time) UTC/GMT +3 hoursKenyaAn online webinar that is aimed at celebrating IEEE PES day for the Kenya Section. The event is scheduled to explore electric mobility: trends, infrastructure, policies, future tech, and real-world impacts to make a greener world.
IEEE PES Day Info Session - Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-2412:00:00 PMUTC+06:00BangladeshAn Info session to all attendees on the importance of PES Day celebration and a deep dive on this year's theme in 2024 .
IEEE PES Day Celebration 20242024-04-244:00:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshJoin us to celebrate this year’s 7th global PES Day event titled “IEEE PES Day Celebration 2024” organized by IEEE NSU PES SBC. This event will spotlight the transformative potential of electric mobility in shaping a sustainable and resilient future, with the theme of this year’s PES Day 2024.
IEEE ENET'COM Cycling Day Pes Day celebration2024-04-2412:00:00 PMGMT +1 hourTunisiaAn exhilarating day of cycling with the IEEE ENET'COM Student Branch! Our Cycling Day event is designed to promote health, networking, and the joy of cycling among both members and non-members.
Hands-on training on "Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology"2024-04-242:00:00 AMISTIndiaIEEE KPRIET SB in Collaboration with IEEE PES KPRIET SBC Organizes a Hands-on training on "Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology" guided by Guided by: Mr. C.J Vignesh, Assistant Professor (Sr.G), KPRIET
Hands on workshop on Electric Vehicle Mobility2024-04-2412:30:00 PM.IndiaJoin our hands-on workshop on Electric Vehicle Mobility! Tailored for electrical and electronics students of S2, S4, and S6, this practical session led by a PhD student specializing in electric vehicles from IIT Palakkad promises valuable insights and interactive learning. Experience the future of transportation firsthand.offlineR10
Future Mobility: Start your Electric Motors!2024-04-2410:00:00 AMGMT-5PerúIs an event that highlights innovation in electric vehicles and promotes the environmental benefits of sustainable mobility, connecting industry leaders and enthusiasts to drive a cleaner future.
Experience Sharing on Electric Vehicle2024-04-247:00:00 PM+5:30IndiaThis session will provide insights into the practical aspects of electric vehicle technology, drawing from the successful participation in all-India electric scooter-making competitions. The event is designed to be a platform for learning, discussion, and inspiration, fostering a deeper understanding of electric mobility and its future potential. It is an opportunity not to be missed for those interested in the field of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.
EnergiSprout2024-04-243:00:00 PMUTC +05:30 (IST)IndiaOn behalf of IEEE PES Day 2024, we are glad to distribute seeds. It's a fantastic opportunity to explore the connection between sustainable energy and nature. Let's embrace the power of green energy and make a positive impact on our environment together.
Empowering Electric Mobility.2024-04-249:00:00 PMEast Africa Time (EAT).Kenya.There will be online webinars in which the attendees will learn from industry experts and get empowered on electric mobility. The online sessions will be interactive since the attendees will be given a chance to ask questions and through that, it will leave us all well-versed in the field.
Empowering Electric Mobility2024-04-249:00:00 PMEast African TimeKenyaThis is an online webinar session, where we'll invite various speakers from various fields around Electric Mobility, to offer a guide to all who would also consider the same field of careers.
Empowering Communities : Volunteer Meet up & PES DAY Celebration - 20242024-04-241:00:00 PMBangladesh Standard Time (GMT +6)BangladeshIt's a physical event titled on " Empowering Communities : Volunteer Meet up & PES DAY Celebration - 2024 " where anyone from any profession and affiliation can join.
Empowering Communities : Volunteer Meet up & PES DAY Celebration - 20242024-04-241:00:00 PMBangladesh Standard Time (GMT +6)BangladeshIts a physical event titled on " Empowering Communities : Volunteer Meet up & PES DAY Celebration - 2024 " where anyone from any affiliation can join and share his/her thought.
Emission-Free Horizon: Electric Vehicles in Sustainable Transportation and a greener future.2024-04-247:00:00 PMGMT +6Bangladesh"Emission-Free Horizon: Electric Vehicles in Sustainable Transportation and a greener future" is an informative event that aims to explore the role of electric vehicles in sustainable transportation. The event will feature sessions on topics such as grid impact and smart features, where experts will discuss the challenges and innovations that are driving a greener future. The event is focused on promoting IEEE PES Day 2024 and conveying the message of building a greener and more sustainable future.
Em - POWER SIGHT2024-04-249:00:00 AMIndian Standard Time - Time zone in India (GMT+5:30)IndiaIEEE KCT Student Branch event offers series of sessions on electric mobility and sustainable energy trends on this PES DAY. Participants can join a guest lecture on "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation" and workshops on sustainable solutions. The event features a poster presentation session for sharing research findings. It's a professional platform for learning, networking, and advancing sustainable technologies.
Electrify: Empowering Mobility - IEEE PES Day Celebration2024-04-245:00:00 PMGMT+1TunisiaJoin us at University ESSTHS for IEEE PES Day, celebrating the forefront of power and energy innovation. Engage in discussions on empowering electric mobility, featuring expert insights and interactive sessions. Explore the future of sustainable energy solutions and network with industry professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of shaping tomorrow's energy landscape.
ElectriCity Seminar & ElectraQuiz Challenge: Shaping Urban Futures with Electric Mobility2024-04-249:00:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshAt first ,a short speech on IEEE PES DAY 2024 and its theme will be delivered by our chairperson of student branch. Then ,Our chief guest and other speakers will give speech on electric mobility and its advantages .
Electric mobility: driving into the future2024-04-248:30:00 AM(GMT-3)BrazilThe event will be focused on the challenges, new technologies, processes and advantages of electric vehicles. Many perspectives will be presented at the event, from professors to enterprises.
Electric mobility in Africa, challenges and way forward2024-04-248:00:00 PMWest African timeNigeria
Webinar hosted to discuss the possible Electric Mobility Innovation ongoing in Nigeria and the place of student engineers to push the boundaries to influence Nigeria’s energy Landscape.
EcoWheels: Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation2024-04-246:00:00 PM(UTC+01:00) ParisTunisiaTo celebrate PES Day, we're hosting an event with WIE and PES. PES Kids will learn to make electric cars from plastic bottles and batteries at a primary school. We've arranged a company visit to inspire students on April 23rd. Join us on April 24th for a conference and celebration of women in power.
Ecodrive2024-04-248:00:00 PMIST (Indian Standard Time)IndiaVirtual workshop on battery technology and sustainable transportation. In this virtual workshop, we'll delve into the fascinating world of battery technology and its critical role in advancing sustainable transportation.
Demostración de vehículos eléctricos2024-04-2412:00:00 PMCentral Standard Time GMT-6MéxicoDemostración de diferentes tipos de vehículos eléctricos, desde automóviles hasta bicicletas y scooters eléctricos. Esto permitirá a los participantes conocer de cerca las últimas innovaciones en movilidad eléctrica y experimentar la conducción de estos.Not requiredR9
Conferencia sobre recursos energéticos distribuidos, Rodada Eléctrica en Bicicleta.2024-04-243:00:00 PMUTC-5EcuadorEl IEEE PES DAY 2024 se enfocará en la movilidad eléctrica para un futuro sostenible. Habrá una conferencia sobre recursos energéticos distribuidos y una rodada en bicicleta eléctrica para promover la movilidad sostenible.N/AR9
Charge Up2024-04-248:00:00 PMEastern European Standard Time Time zone in Egypt (GMT+2)EgyptIEEE MeetUps is a prestigious online event hosted by IEEE Fayoum SB that features six interactive sessions on new and innovative technology trends. Panel discussions for each session are conducted on different days by several experts in the field, each with a distinct title. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore each topic in greater depth. A special session on IEEE PES Day and Electric Vehicles will be held at this year's conference, providing valuable insights and discussions on these important areas of technology.
Battery Technology and Charging Infrastructure2024-04-248:00:00 PMGMT+6BangladeshThis event is arranged by me and my colleague Nusrat Jahan(PESDAY24-543) At first, we will welcome our guests and speakers. Then the guests will give the opening speech .At last we will end the event after the speech of speakers.
Arduino Remote Control Vehicle Workshop2024-04-247:00:00 PMGMT+3GREECEAn arduino workshop that the participants will learn about arduino dc motors and how to create their own rc car
An arc suppression device using ADRC2024-04-247:30:00 AMGMT +6BangladeshAn arc suppression device using ADRC

Greetings from the IEEE PES BUBT Student Branch Chapter!

Unlock the gateway to cutting-edge advancements in electrical safety! Dive into the realm of "Arc Suppression Devices Using ADRC" with the IEEE PES BUBT Student Branch Chapter's exclusive seminar. Embark on a journey of discovery as we unveil the revolutionary potential of Active Disturbance Rejection Control (ADRC) in combating arcs in electrical systems. Delve deep into the intricacies of ASDs, ADRC implementation, and real-world case studies alongside esteemed experts in electrical engineering and control systems. Be at the forefront of innovation as we explore future trends and breakthroughs in arc suppression technology. Limited seats are up for grabs! Secure your spot now to be part of this electrifying experience
Advancing Sustainable Transportation for Bangladesh2024-04-247:30:00 PMUTC/GMT +6 hours (BST — Bangladesh Standard Time)BangladeshIt's an essay writing competition on "Advancing Sustainable Transportation for Bangladesh."
Movilidad Eléctrica en México PESDay UNAM 2024.2024-04-256:00:00 PMUTC-6MéxicoA series of conferences with professional experts from different fields of industry, regulation and power supply on aspects related to electromobility.
Powering Progress: IEEE PES Day 2024 Celebration2024-04-2610:00:00 AMBSTBangladeshOur event features an exhilarating rally followed by a heartwarming cake-cutting ceremony, a captivating short speech, and an inspiring prize-giving ceremony.
La movilidad eléctrica y el ciclo sostenible de carga: una perspectiva para El Salvador2024-04-278:30:00 AMGMT-6El SalvadorEsta es una ponencia a cargo de profesionales y expertos en electromovilidad en El Salvador. Por la tarde se realizará una actividad recreativa para que miembros puedan socializar.
IEEE PES DAY Egypt 2024 - Delta2024-04-299:30:00 AMTime zone :Africa/Cairo (UTC+2)EgyptOur understanding of the value and significance of IEEE PES DAY aiding him in disseminating ideas on renewable energy and its role in protecting the environment. Therefore, the idea was to collborate the Universities of the Delta Region in Egypt. The cooperation came with ambassadors from the universities of Horus Egypt, Damietta, and Mansoura, and the event is hosted under the auspices of Mansoura National University.
The code for ambassadors.
Horus University of Egypt: PESDAY24-345 - PESDAY24-291
Damietta University: PESDAY24-258
Mansoura University: Mariam Marwan
Engineer's Elocution Summit2024-05-102:00:00 AMINDIAN STANDARD TIMEINDIA1.It is an event or conference that brings together students from various academic backgrounds and disciplines to engage in collaborative learning, networking, and discussion.
2.It provides a platform for students to explore and exchange ideas, research, and projects across different fields of study, allowing participants to gain insights from experts in diverse areas and foster a holistic understanding of complex issues.
3.This summit aims to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, foster innovation, and encourage a broader perspective on problem solving and research.
4.Such events are an excellent opportunity for students to expand their knowledge, develop valuable skills, and build a network of peers with diverse expertise.

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