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1. What is IEEE PES Day?

IEEE PES Day is an initiative organized by the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) to celebrate the contributions of innovation to new energy ventures and the energy transition. It aims to engage professionals, students, and enthusiasts worldwide through various events and activities.

2. When will IEEE PES Day take place?

IEEE PES Day 2024 will be held from April 22nd to April 24th, featuring events across different regions focusing on the celebratory theme.

3. What is the theme of IEEE PES Day?

The theme of IEEE PES Day is "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation," highlighting the impact of innovation on new energy ventures and the transition towards electric mobility.

4. Who can organize events for IEEE PES Day?

Events can be organized by various entities including IEEE Sections, IEEE Student Branch chapters, IEEE Young Professionals (YP) Affinity Groups, IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Groups, PES chapters, and PES Student Branch chapters.

5. What are the benefits of becoming an IEEE PES Day Ambassador?

As an IEEE PES Day Ambassador, you will have the opportunity for leadership, networking, scholarship opportunities, mentoring from experienced professionals, access to exclusive events and resources, and collaboration on projects and initiatives. To become an Ambassador, you must be an active PES member.

6. What are the tasks of an IEEE PES Day Ambassador?

Ambassadors are required to organize at least one event focusing on the PES Day theme of "Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation" between April 22nd to April 24th, 2024. Additionally, they must report on their event through this link.

7. Can events for IEEE PES Day be virtual?

Yes, ideally, events for IEEE PES Day should be predominantly virtual to encourage broad participation and ensure accessibility to individuals worldwide.

8. How can I get involved in IEEE PES Day if I’m not an Ambassador?

You can participate in IEEE PES Day events organized by Ambassadors in your region or by joining relevant committees such as WiP, WiE, HAC, STEAM, YP, and others.

9. Are there any age restrictions to participate in IEEE PES Day events?

No, there are no age restrictions. IEEE PES Day events welcome participation from professionals, students, and enthusiasts of all ages who are interested in the field of power and energy.

10. How can I stay updated on IEEE PES Day events and activities?

You can stay updated on IEEE PES Day 2024 events and activities by following official IEEE PES social media channels, checking the IEEE PES website, and contacting your local IEEE Section or Student Branch chapter for information on events in your region.

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