About PES RES for Kids Project

The PES RES for kids is part of the PES NwB (Networking without Borders) project drive by PES volunteers across the world. The 2018 PES Day team made the first 2 designs for this project. We had the first worldwide visits with PES RES for kids in the last week of April part of the 2018 PES Day celebration. Also, we had many visits with PES RES for kids’ part of the 2018 PES HAC (Humanitarian Activities Committee) ambassador program.

The main plan will be creating a collaborative coloring book with PES chapters and PES volunteers across the world. Each page and design will have local PES chapter or IEEE unit name. The PES RES for kids’ main proposal will be PES volunteers and PES chapters visit schools to inspire and teach renewable energy for kids (4 to 12 years old) with free online coloring book designs.


The PES RES for Kids project is such an initiative that can create a huge impact on the upcoming future generations about the present and upcoming scenarios in power and energy sector. The mission is to teach and make the upcoming generations understand about sustainability, climate change, and renewable energy sources through various fun activities like coloring competitions, video presentations and so on. As IEEE volunteers it is our responsibility to create this awareness for the betterment of the future generations. And around the globe, everyone enjoys and appreciates such initiatives which brings people together without any boundaries.

Things to do

  • This arrangement only includes kids from 4-12 years age.
  • Selected people from the respective OU’s can attend the event as volunteers and guests.
  • This year, some unique designs will be provided in the PES Day 2023 website in the materials options to use them in the coloring  competitions. Ambassadors must use these designs for the event.
  • As the coloring competition is the main segment of this project, the best pictures of each reported events will be featured in the PES Day website.
  • For the secondary segment, a short video or ppt presentation can be given to the kids in a very simple way so that they can learn and understand the necessity of renewable energy and a climate safer future.
  • Arrange the necessity arrangements for the kids and the teachers celebrating this year’s PES Day (for example: Giving out PES Day t-shirts for teachers and kids, coloring kits for the kids etc.) for making this event a memorable one.

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D0632478-6A3F-4CE8-BEC3-4746973C04B2 - Syed Redwan Md Hassan

Syed Redwan

PES RES for Kids Activities Lead

Hamimul Rahat Headshot - Hamimul Rahat

Md. Hamimul Haque Rahat

PES RES for Kids Activities Lead

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