Region Leads

DSC_0244 crop - Hieu Nguyen

Hieu Nguyen

PES Day R1-7 Coordinator


Sabrina Helbig

PES Day R2 Lead

DSC_0443 - Dewan Aminul Islam

Dewan Aminul Islam

PES Day R3 Lead

Picture1 - Sri Raghavan Kothandaraman (Raghav)

Sri Raghavan Kothandaraman

PES Day R4 Lead

Jay HeadShot - JAY SHAH

Jay Shah

PES Day R7 Lead

Pierluigi_Siano_photoxpapers - Pierluigi SIANO

Prof. Pierluigi Siano

PES Day R8 Lead (Europe I - Southern)


Anish M S

PES Day R8 Lead (Europe II - Eastern)

jiawai wang

Jiawei Wang

PES Day R8 Lead (Europe III - Northern)

E096DCA6-30EB-45F0-9F35-9D5D1538F7A5 - Mustafa Aqrabawe

Mustafa Aqarabwe

PES Day R8 Lead (Middle East)

Amine Gasmi (2) - amine gasmi

Amine Gasmi

PES Day R8 Lead (Africa)

FRENNY LUVANIA - Frenny Luvania Payé Yucra

Frenny Luvania Paye

PES Day R9 Lead

Axel Ortiz Head Photo - Axel Ortiz

Axel Y. Ortiz Perez

PES Day R9 Lead (Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands)

Catleen Lozano - Catleen Lozano

Catleen Natalia Lozano Reina

PES Day R9 Lead (Andean council)

Matheus professional headshot - Matheus Ferreira

Matheus Borges Ferreira

PES Day R9 Lead (Brazil)

DSC_1585-removebg-modified - CH ATHAR MEHMOOD

Chaudry Athar Mehmood

PES Day R10 Lead

Country Leads

IMG-20230214-WA0031 - Nure Sakib

Nure Alam Sakib

PES DAY Bangladesh Rep

formal - 31_ID_024_ Sharmin Akter

Mst. Sharmin Akter

PES DAY Bangladesh Rep

Saif - Saif Aldeen Saad Obayes AL-Kadhim

Saif aldeen Saad Obayes ALKADHIM

PES DAY China Rep

Amrit Kaur

Central USA

KevinSchwarzer_HeadShot - Kevin Schwarzer

Kevin Schwartz

PES DAY Eastern Canada Rep

COSMELOI-SQUARE_yellow - Cosme Loi

Cosme Loi

PES DAY Central Canada Rep

Moira - Moira Prates

Moira Prates

PES DAY Northeast Brazil

872dbf88-0984-4c03-962f-924409cfbe33 - Werbeston Oliveira

Weberston Douglas

PES Day Northern Brazil

X - IEEE Kafrelsheikh SB

Tarek Mohamed Elsaadany

PES DAY Egypt Rep

1648472140727 - Raneena Raoof

Raneena Raoof

PES DAY India Rep

Gaurav Mohije.png - gaurav mohije

Gaurav Pundlik Mohije

PES DAY India Rep

IMG-20221012-WA0001 - SAI SAMARPITA

Sai Samarpita

PES DAY India Rep

IMG_20221219_200828 - SREEKESH E

Sreekesh E

PES DAY India Rep

Mercylyne-Kenya-photo - Mercylyne Tuwei

Mercylyne Jepleting

PES Day Kenya Rep


Taha Mriheel

PES DAY Lybia Rep

ming ying lim

Min Ying Lim

PES DAY Malaysia Rep

FB_IMG_1631687237581-removebg - Janesha Devi Poorun

Poorun Janesha Devi

PES DAY Mauritius Rep

753FE8F7-0FB8-4C85-816E-0011656B65B8 - EZEKIEL ANEKE,Ph.D

Dr. Ezekiel Nnamere Aneke

PES DAY Nigeria Rep

IMG_20220826_193223_2 - RHODAH BEHAIREYO

Behaireyo Rhodah

PES DAY Uganda Rep

Desirecm - Desire Mussa

Desire C. Mussa

PES DAY Southern Africa Rep

S__51257352 - Jirawadee Polprasert

Jirawadee Polprasert

PES DAY Thailand Rep

IMG-20221225-WA0006 - Imen MOALLA

Imen Moalla

PES DAY Tunisia Rep

IMG-20221119-WA0008 - malek Chlibi

Malek Chlibi

PES DAY Tunisia Rep

Profile Pic (Medium) - Cagdas Ozan Pamuk

Ozan Pamuk

PES DAY Turkey Rep

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