OpenDSS-G Applications with Parallel Processing: Webinar 3

Dear all,

After a great introductory session last week, Dr. Davis Montenegro is now ready to show us how to use OpenDSS-G for distribution system analysis. He will go into the nitty-gritty details on using OpenDSS-G with parallel processing to speed up those time-consuming QSTS simulations!.

For those of you who could not participate in the first two webinars, it is still not too late since this third webinar will still start from the ABCs of OpenDSS-G!

We start this webinar 30 minutes earlier to ensure that we can cover the basics and to have enough time to answer your questions. Additionally, this time around at the end of the webinar we have an exciting surprise for you. This time around it might pay off to be attentive  ;).

​​The time will be Saturday​5th of ​May​ at ​1330 GMT. We hope to finish the webinar by 1530 GMT. Here is the flyer.  Note that Registration deadline is Friday,4th of ​May at 23:59 GMT. We advise that you register early.

​To all who like to come prepared, we got some goodies below!

If you have any OpenDSS questions on webinar 2​, please post to the  OpenDSS Discussion forum. If you have any other questions or clarifications please feel free to contact me at [email protected].


News regarding the Second Webinar

Dear Friends,

This is the session you were all waiting for, the introductory webinar to OpenDSS Graphical User Interface! And to take you through this exciting software, we have none other than the developer himself, Dr. Davis Montenegro!

This webinar, the second of four will be held next Saturday, 28th of April at 1400 GMT. This is an opportunity not be missed because, with the GUI, your life will be much easier, be it newbie, novice or expert distribution system analyst. Additionally, even if you missed the first webinar, the second webinar is a great place to start a glorious journey investigating methods to make the distribution grid more intelligent and the world a greener place! Here is the flyer. You can download the spanking new OpenDSS-G software here.

More good news:

  • We have finalized the final webinar and Case study competition. To present the case study we have onboard Dr. Matt Reno, a PES YP member, and a renowned QSTS expert! This competition will be open to all grades of IEEE PES members, starting from Student member right up to Life member. This is the chance to enter the PES Day ‘Wall of Fame’ and win exciting prizes as well as unlimited bragging rights!
  • You do not have to register again if you registered for the first webinar! If you have not, do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, IEEE PES member or not, you get free access to this webinar! You can register here. However, in order to take part in the competition, you do need to have an active PES membership.
  • We will try to host the webinars in the IEEE PES Resource Center (RC). This online platform is one of the finest initiatives of IEEE in the recent times and a major member benefit!

For all of you who participated in the first webinar, in addition to the examples in the OpenDSS installation folder, I have created a tutorial taking you through OpenDSS Installation, testing of COM interface and a simple simulation in the material shared in this link. I encourage you to try it out before the next webinar. This will help you gain the skills required to understand content explained in the upcoming webinars and also help you to solve the case study. Since this webinar series is conducted to enhance skills rather than disseminate knowledge, your gain will be minimum if you do not try the examples.

  1. Step by step instructions to install and test OpenDSS and Matlab COM interface​​
  1. Example simulation activity that can be carried out : Simulate the 8500 Node Test Feeder and compare performance with and without voltage controllers and switched capacitors
  2. Presentation from Webinar 1
  3. Link to install OpenDSS-G

If you have any OpenDSS questions, please post to the  OpenDSS Discussion forum. If you have any other questions or clarifications please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

On behalf of IEEE PES Young Professionals and the PES Day Team,

Hasala Dharmawardena, Coordinator for OpenDSS Webinar Series


  • Event Details

Date: Saturday, 28th of April 2018

               Register: Here

  • The video of the first webinar will be hosted most probably on the IEEE PES Resource Center.
  • Registration deadline for this webinar is Friday, 27th of April 2018 at 23:59 GMT. We advise that you register early.
The PES YP CEP will be open to all people (IEEE membership is not mandatory). This online course will a great opportunity for people and IEEE members have the first contact with PES benefits.

PES YP CEP Course and Webinar Registration

IEEE PES Day 2018 – Webinar Series on OpenDSS
IEEE PES Young Professionals are proud to host the first ever Webinar Series of the Continuing Education Program starting on 21st of April at 10 am GMT – 4. It will be held on four consecutive Saturdays starting from 21st of April (at 10 am GMT – 4). Whereas traditional webinars focus on disseminating knowledge on new frontiers of technology, this webinar series focuses more on providing hands-on skills (tangible skills) to the participants.

The webinar series will start by providing an introduction to the framework and principles required to use the software. Next, it will proceed to introduce the newly unveiled graphical user interface (OpenDSS-G). In the third webinar, the speaker will introduce parallel processing with OpenDSS (OpenDSS-PM), a very cool feature that makes OpenDSS even more powerful.

To top off the webinar series we plan to publish a case study. This should be analyzed by the attendees and the answer needs to be submitted before the start of the fourth webinar. This fourth webinar will be conducted by another expert who will show different methods and strategies to solve the case study. The best solutions will be chosen from the submissions and prizes will be awarded. Additionally, the owners of all the successful answers will be published in the IEEE PES Day Website, Wall of Fame!

1 – Modeling Distribution Systems with DER in OpenDSS – Part 1 Roger Dugan – Introduction to OpenDSS – April 21
2 – Modeling Distribution Systems with DER in OpenDSS – Part 2 Davis Montenegro – OpenDSS Graphical User Interface -OpenDSS-G – April 28
3 – Modeling Distribution Systems with DER in OpenDSS – Part 3 Davis Montenegro – Parallel processing with OpenDSS – OpenDSS-PM – May 5
4 – Modeling Distribution Systems with DER in OpenDSS – Part 4 Answer to Case study – This session will provide a hands-on guide in applying OpenDSS for QSTS – May 12

In order to get familiar with the software, it is recommended for the participants to install OpenDSS and run the demo as per the instructions given in the below links.

We will use the Facebook event page to bring you updates on the event.

*Important – Registration Deadline is Friday 20th of April 2018 at 23:59 GMT. If you do not get the webinar link and instructions emailed to you by Saturday 21st of April by 0200 GMT, please check your spam and then check the event facebook page link given below.
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